Why Being A Coffee Drinker Is Both A Pain and A Blessing

I am an avid coffee drinker, and I wouldn't have it any other way. The person I am without my morning cold brew is a person I do not want to know. Loving coffee is a pain and a blessing. For starters, It's DELICIOUS! I don't know how people who have tried this magical drink can say that they "hate it." Like, how does that even happen? The number of times that coffee has helped me pound out impossible essays, and stay awake for days when sleep was clouding my mind, is endless. It has become a little companion, and most importantly a secret weapon in navigating my life. Coffee has also made studying so much easier. Whenever I can't seem to focus, I go out and find a coffee shop that has the right vibe and also the right cup of joe! Being a coffee drinker has also helped me reconnect with friends. Whenever I want to hang out with someone, the first thing I say is always "hey, we should grab a coffee." "Grabbing coffee" has become code for catching up, and it's amazing because you can talk while drinking delicious coffee! With all the great things that come with being a coffee drinker, there are also cons. Whenever I don't have coffee, I get "withdrawals" and I turn into this annoyed snappy person--which sometimes is useful--that people should not mess with. There are also times when I'll have three cups of coffee, and I won't be able to sleep, and that's when "sad girl hours" kick in. Being a coffee drinker is "helping" me survive the treacherous college life, in the most delicious way! So if you have not had the chance to try this magical drink, go and get yourself--or make--one!