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What You Should Know Before Winter Hits

So winter is approaching and it is right around the corner. If you’re located in the Midwest or live up North, you know how harsh the winters can be. Here are some ways to make sure you are ready for the upcoming cold season.

Invest In Gloves 

It may not seem like a great deal, but investing in a good pair of gloves is very important for the winter. It’ll ensure that your hands and fingers stay very warm.

Don’t Wear Dark Shoes

Wearing dark shoes when it is snowing might be a bad idea, especially if you’re on campus. Schools often use salt to melt the ice that forms on the roads and sidewalks. If you wear dark colors, be sure to expect stained clothes.

Use Your Bus Tracker

In the winter, you do not want to stand outside and wait for the bus for what may feel like forever… you’ll regret it. Make sure to track your bus route before stepping out into the cold. Also, note that buses will be packed when it’s cold outside.

Buy Warm Drinks

Quit the cold drinks and start buying hot ones instead. Consider buying hot chocolate, lattes, hot coffee, tea, and vanilla chai. These will help elevate your body temperature and make you feel warmer.

Check For Canceled Classes or Work

Although it is highly unlikely in the city of Chicago, some professors, or employers, may have the heart to give you a day off if weather conditions are too extreme. Be sure to continuously check your messages and emails for updated schedules before leaving the comfort of your home.

Stay safe and warm this winter season!

Hello everyone! My name is Ranya and I am a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am undeclared and on the pre-med track. Something to know about me is that I love exploring the city, so you could always catch me biking around!
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