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What to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a College

When looking for the perfect school there are tons of factors that have to be accounted for. It’s not only about your field of study but also about where you are and the type of environment you want to be immersed in for the next 4 years. Whether your priorities be school spirit or student body size, countless schools will fit your criteria. So, here are some unique things to think about before committing to a university.

  1. How far are my classes from my dorm?

If you’re anywhere in the Midwest or up north, in general, you know that sooner or later the seasons will change, and you’ll be walking around in a foot of snow to get to the 8 am lecture you didn’t want to go to anyway. Distance is important if you’re not okay with walking 10+ minutes in negative degrees, maybe a smaller campus would be more ideal.

2. How fast can I get home?

As much as everyone raves about the newly acquired freedom of college it’s no secret that homesickness is real, and sometimes you just really need a hug. So when Jake from Gamma Bamma Lama pi goes to the barn dance with Sydney, even though he said he’d go with you and then throws up all over your new going out shoes, and the world seems to be an endless nightmare make sure you have the ability to buy that ticket for a weekend back home.

3. What’s it like?

What is it about the school that makes it special? A research university? Endless tailgates? Constant pool parties? Sporting events? Whatever it is, make sure you’re into it, and you’ll for sure find your people in college.

4. Is Greek life right for you?

If you’re not the biggest people person or have no intention of joining Greek life, then maybe a school heavily set on that is not for you. But, if you’re willing to try new things, and make a few “sisters” along the way give it a go.

5. The dorms

Alright, as much as we’d love to say we’re all caring and sharing people, the honest truth is some have never shared their own space before. So, when it comes to dorming, it’s important to ask if you’re ready to live in a tiny room with a bathroom down the hallways. And if you’re not, that’s completely acceptable, you’d be surprised at the amount of schools that offer suite style dorming with private bathrooms and even single rooms! We all know the bathroom is very important after a long night of partying.

6. Where am I?

Location location location. An extremely important factor in choosing your school. Warm weather or cold? City or urban setting? You have to remember that this isn’t just a vacation, your life will be lived here for the next 4 years, and if you’re anything like me, being surrounded by corn is not your thing, and the city life is for you.

7. Should I go random?

Okay now, this might be slightly further down the process, but once you’ve gotten accepted into the schools you’re looking into, don’t be afraid to reach out. Through Facebook groups and official school pages, new students are able to communicate and maybe find a friend or roommate before the semester even starts. Sometimes, going random can lead you to your best friends, but other times….. All I’m saying is that before going in knowing no one, try to reach out, you’ll feel more comfortable and prepared for this adventure in your life.

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