Welcome To America

The cold freeze passed your skin and froze the bones

Her flight was that day and it was frigid

Her cheeks turned red as if her blood was trying to pour out

And warmed her outsides as much as her insides

She never saw a world so white

Because she always lived in warmth

Her world was near the equator

She never saw thick, white snow

She never saw the black slush on the side of the road

Her small body shivered trying to produce heat

She wore my brother's old gray joggers

They were scuffed and faded

She put on my brother’s old jacket

It was thick and warm and heavy

They loaded her bags into the car

And they had a stuffy drive home

She pressed her face against the cold, hard glass

Her eyes swept over a world like from the movies

Her eyes landed on a white and green house

It felt so open, wild, and free

She knew it wasn’t home yet

But she knew it would be