Untitled Alphabet

Alone and always with you 

Beside you all the time.

Considering a nameless way of loving*

Distracted by our own presence,

Excited, with every touch, we

Feel the warmth while

Grabbing hold of each other’s


In the moonlight.

Just enjoying the current state we share,

Knowing it will soon come to an end.

Light that we’ve illuminated 

Must carry on with us when we are

No more.

One bright, sunny day, our own 

Presence, distracted, for

Quite some time.

Refusing to believe that

Someone will not always stay alone.

To reach the limits of ourselves, to reach beyond ourselves*

Until we find who makes us whole.

Very happily, we continue to show our love, to

Whomever we deem trustworthy. We board the 

Xebec, ready for our voyage.

You might think we’re in love, but really, we’re just traveling to


(Photos from pixabay.com)