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Timothy Nguyen’s Top 15 Panoramas of UIC

Many people have hard times taking panorama photos because the automatic setting on their phone or camera doesn’t always do an amazing job. On the other hand, Timothy Nguyen has mastered the art of panorama photography and has allowed us to show off his best panorama shots of the UIC Campus! Here they are, the top 15 panorama shots of UIC by Timothy Nguyen.


Lecture Centers with all the greenery.


The red sky and lights from the lecture centers make this panorama so wonderful.


Beautiful shot taken from BSB of downtown Chicago and UH.


Taken from the stairs at BSB. This almost looks like a garden..


Who would have thought the tunnel from the engineering buildings to Taylor St. would look so nice!


A distant shot that perfectly captures the side of UH and some Chicago buildings.


The UIC Forum and JST dorms have never looked so good behind the Fall leaves.


This picture of SSB and the sun makes thinking about going to Financial Aid a little less painful.


Look at how stunning the sky looks by BSB!


Not finding a seat in the Inner Circle has its perks, you get to have lunch out here and enjoy this lovely view. 


What is the focus of this picture, the dorms, the city, or the sky?


How radiant does the quad look at night with all the lights!


There goes the Willis Tower photobombing our campus.


How amazing are the colors of the clouds and sky with the city buildings so far away?


These lights look so unbelievable. Hopefully this encourages us to hit up the Rec!

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