Stylish Couple's Halloween Costume Ideas

I confess that my Halloween plans entail nothing but staying in, watching Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus on DVD, and munching on vegan chocolate. However, if you’re gearing up for trick-or-treating or planning to attend a few Halloween parties, then you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect costume. I also confess that I’m a bit of a movie buff, and I think that there’s nothing like a blast from the past to get costume ideas flowing. I’m giving some costume ideas inspired by movies from my favorite decades for you and your BF/BFF to rock this Halloween:

The 70's

Grease: Danny & Sandy

Who doesn’t love this iconic dancing duo, am I right? I absolutely adore their cool, edgy outfits from the last musical montage of the film. Plus, this outfit is super easy to recreate because you can easily find a crop top and sleek high-waist pants in just about any clothing store. Just throw on your favorite fall leather jacket and you’re good to go!

Other 70’s costume ideas:

·      The Pink Ladies from Grease

·      Tony & Stephanie from Saturday Night Fever

The 80's

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Jessica & Roger Rabbit

I think dressing up as a cartoon character is always fun, but dressing up as Jessica Rabbit brings a little sexy into the mix. Remember: this is simply inspiration so don’t think you have to go out in a full on bedazzled gown. You can easily modify this look by opting for a shorter dress or maybe even trying a bodysuit instead. As for your partner, he/she can easily achieve Roger Rabbit’s inherent goofiness by sporting a red jumpsuit and wacky bow tie, which I’m sure you can find at a thrift or costume store.  

Other 80's costume ideas

·      Beetlejuice & Lydia

·      Indiana Jones & Marion

The 90's

Clueless: Cher & Dionne

Best friends can’t wear couple’s costumes? As if! Not only are these costumes easy to put together, but you and your gal pal will also look stylish this Halloween (the 90’s have made a comeback, people!) It’s as simple as throwing on as much plaid and neon as you possibly can and slipping on some knee-high socks!

Other 90's costume ideas:

·      Mia & Vincent from Pulp Fiction

·      Neo & Trinity from The Matrix

·      Chucky & The Bride of Chucky