Stay Safe While Staying Stylish

Who says that protecting our health can’t also mean serving looks? Many people feel embarrassed going out in public wearing a protective mask. Yet, we need to remember to stay confident and positive when times get tough. Why not own it and turn it into an artistic accessory of a trendy outfit? You got that right: healthy is trendy.

  1. 1. Neutrals

    As proven by this woman touring Turkey, a blush champagne coat is all you need to make a statement. Alongside a tucked in scarf and staple black shades, you can accessorize your mask, turning safety into style.

  2. 2. Silver and Tangerine 

    When your motorcycle is a part of your outfit, that’s when you know you’re bad*ss. The citrus orange color is eye-catching against the silvery tones, complimenting one another seamlessly. The best part of all is being able to rock a face mask in public and still feel confident and self-assertive.

  3. 3. At-Home Masterpiece

    Express yourself by turning your mask into an art piece. If you are looking for something creative to do when you are stuck at home, grab the paint brushes and become your own masterpiece!

  4. 4. Go-To Items In Your Closet

    Sometimes, the simplest ensemble can come together to pull off something flattering, giving you that “careless but cute” kind of look. Dark blue jeans and a plain white tee can be dressed up with a belt, to cut the bland colors. You know that black leather jacket that has been sitting in your closet? Throw this on to add an extra styled layer to the fit. This effortless look would be incomplete without a Gucci mask.

  5. 5. Safe and Snug

    Taking a trip to go grocery shopping should not feel like a zombie apocalypse. If you want to be sure that you will stay as healthy coming out as you were going in, don’t forget to bring your mask! A matching, comfy sweater set is not only cozy, but also cute.

  6. 6. Red, Hot and Rosy

    Slay all sickness with style, in scarlet pumps, a cherry leather jacket, and a rose pattern mask. Even if you have nowhere to be, it can sometimes be fun to get glam every once in a while. 

  7. 7. D.I.Y.

    In a time where many are feeling down, brighten the mood with exciting prints and vibrant colors. If you are ever in a D.I.Y. mood, you can make your very own mask from home, to match your favorite dress! With the help of YouTube tutorials, you’ll be a pro in no time.

  8. 8. Bold In Black

    Let’s face it, we all love matching with our man. If you have a special someone, plan to coordinate an outfit to wear together, or go shopping together and pick out something new. You can easily make this into a fun date! Go for a similar color scheme, and don’t forget to wear protection (a mask- get your mind out of the gutter)!

  9. 9. Lux White

    Stay looking luxurious in simple gold and pearly white. Wear your Gucci mask as a statement piece, alongside loose, beach waves and subtle hoops. The sophisticated shoulders and shiny details in the center of this blouse accentuate the elegance brought in through these components.

  10. 10. Stay Fancy In Your Face Mask

     A combination of metallic fabric and seductive mesh is stunning on any woman who is confident enough to execute this look. The textured, gold fabric of this mask will make you feel like a goddess in your formal wear.

  11. 11. Neon Flames

    It’s all about the drip. When it comes to fashion, neon colors against an ebony background are always dazzling. Let your guy friend or boyfriend know that he can style his face mask with facile, resulting in a look that is fire.

  12. 12. Louis Family

    Staying healthy goes beyond just thinking about yourself. Keep the whole family safe and stylish with matching Louis Vuitton face masks. Fight off those viruses, but make it trendy.