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Spread Love For the Planet with Garnier Green Labs

Introducing: Garnier Green Labs. Garnier’s new, clean skincare line helps improve the planet, unlike other harmful products. This line brings together the best of nature and science to create efficient solutions for glowing, healthy-looking skin, no matter the skin type or tone!

Garnier Green Labs is infused with the powerful combination of superfood extracts, paired with dermatological ingredients. The fresh, botanical elements blend seamlessly with the moisturizing components. Rejuvenate your skin with ease. [bf_image id="wxr5rgc52f49xf35qrrngmwp"]

Looking for a glow-boosting serum that can bring your skin to the next level? Garnier’s Pinea-C Brightening Serum Cream SPF 30 is exactly the juicy combination that you have been searching for. This multitasking formula is 3 products in one bottle: serum, moisturizer, plus SPF!

Let your senses take you to paradise when the pineapple citrus fragrances dance upon your skin. Pinea-C is lightweight and hydrating, which is suitable for all skin types. The oil-free formula replenishes moisture for 24 hours.  [bf_image id="q2wim2-1wj21k-8hygsw"]

As an SPF is necessary for each day, no matter the season, this product will accommodate those needs. A broad spectrum SPF 30 is implemented, for protection against harmful everyday rays. There is no white residue and it won’t clog your pores, so that your skin does not feel cakey. This means that it can comfortably be used regularly. Soon, you will find yourself saving time and money when three of your everyday products are mended into one. [bf_image id="fprn85mx6qn4384cvfh3tgfk"] The Pinea-C Brightening Serum Cream SPF 30 is allergy tested and dermatologist tested, to ensure safety and sensitivity. The vegan formula does not contain mineral oil, parabens, or dyes. The ingredient list is simple and clean. With Garnier Green Labs, you can spread love for the planet and say yes to self care.

Christina is a Professional Writing major, minoring in Spanish, at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the Senior Editor and President for Her Campus Media, following her passions to one day become an editor as a career.
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