The Poetic Corner: A Summer Love

Your laugh was once a soft, mellow sound, 

A sound I readily welcomed 

A sound I eagerly cherished 

Radiant and Jovial

And now it’s the rumble of a far, desolate place 


Your touch was once a prospect I readily welcomed

Slow and affectionate, 

Your soft palms pressed up against mine

And your steady fingers parting my slicked hair

Your cool lips grazing mine

As the warm, gentle breeze encircled our naked bodies

And in those moments, your touch became ardent and sensual 

And then, once again, gentle and affectionate


Your tears were once sacred

A vulnerable indication of the love we momentarily shared

A vulnerable reflection of your warmth and tenderness

An insightful route to parts you never disclosed

But, now, they’re forged 

And meaningless. 



A complete hoax.


And just as the leaves began to fall 

And the earth began to cool

So did my heart. 

Until the love dissipated. 

And the message grew clear. 

So, the love quickly disappeared. 

Sinking deep down into the dark depths of the earth. 

Never to be revitalized

Never to be found. 


Gone forever.