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Nicole Jacobs: Her Campus UIC President

**Nicole Jacobs is the current president of our HER Campus chapter. She will be saying her goodbye to us at the end of this semester. In honor of the great work she has done we have decided to feature her as our campus celebrity.**

Name: Nicole Jacobs

Age: 22

Major: Marketing with a minor in Finance

Year: Senior

Heritage: African American & Filipino

Position in HC: President


HC: What is HER Campus? How did you find out about it?

Her Campus is an online college magazine for women by women! It is essentially a collegiettes guide to campus life and the real world! Article topics include anything from beauty, health, relationships, fitness, and more! I found out about Her Campus my sophomore year of college through a post on Facebook.

HC: What made you join Her Campus UIC?

I joined Her Campus UIC because I loved everything about what it stood for. It’s such a great online magazine that connects women on campus and in Chicago in general. When I first saw the website’s overall design I thought it looked really well done and cute! Many of the articles also caught my attention because most of them discussed certain aspects about college that I could relate to. I also met some of the team members and everyone was also really friendly and passionate about Her Campus.

HC: Were you the original person to bring HC to UIC or were you elected the preceding president?

Her Campus UIC started in 2012 and I was elected as the third President in Her Campus UIC history, which is something I am truly proud of!

HC: What does Her Campus mean to you?

Her Campus means a great deal to me. I’ve been a member since my sophomore year at UIC and as President my senior year, I’ve seen it grow into something amazing! We created such a large fan base at UIC and increased awareness over the past three years. I treat Her Campus UIC as if it were my baby or full time job position.

HC: Is it stressful being the head of HC UIC?

There are definitely times when being President of HC UIC can be stressful. Figuring out how to balance working two jobs, having 15 credit hours of classes with the addition of managing an organization on campus can become pretty hectic. Over the years I’ve just learned better time management skills and always to prioritize! Doing yoga every now and then also helps!

HC: How has being a part of HC improved your collegiate experience?

Absolutely! I definitely think being involved with HC improved my collegiate experience. UIC is such a large commuter school and being involved with not only Her Campus, but other organizations on campus definitely created a great experience for me. I’ve met some great friends during my time on campus and am so glad I decided to become involved with HC!

HC: What can you take from Her Campus to use in the business world?

I think the communication and time management skills I learned through HC will definitely help me in the business world at my future career. I’ve learned how to stay on top of things and just overall build relationships with business professionals and staying connected with them.

HC: What has been the most rewarding part of being a member of HC?

I would say the most rewarding part of being involved with HC is to see something you put so much work into every day grow and evolve into something you would have never thought it would. HC UIC started off as a small group of girls and now has grown into over 40+ members, over 1,000 likes on Facebook, and a Gold level chapter. Also seeing my team members grow as strong writers and college students in general is also so rewarding!

HC: This being your last year as a student at UIC, and a member of HC, what legacy do you wish to leave behind?

Overall, I just want the UIC community to see how far Her Campus has come since it initially launched. I want people to realize all the accomplishments we’ve had under my leadership and future leaders to come!

HC: If there is one thing you could do differently as the president of HC, what would that be?

If there was one thing that I could do differently as President of HC UIC it would be to possibly hold more events throughout each semester. It’s definitely tons of work to even just have one big event, but also incorporating some smaller scaled events or promotions is something I wish I had time to do differently.

HC: What have been some of your greatest experiences overall while attending UIC?

Most of my greatest and memorable experiences while attending UIC are joining Her Campus my sophomore year, I’ve met a ton of great girls! Also just living on campus in general. UIC is such a huge commuter school and your experiences are pretty much what you make it. I’ve met some pretty great people through living on campus and getting involved with different organizations. I’ve met some lifelong friends through my other organization, The Collegiate 100. I’d say the best experience I’ve had while attending UIC was finding out about my current position with Nike. They’ve truly opened up opportunities for me!

HC: What will you miss most about HC and UIC once you graduate?

I’ll definitely miss being a part of a team that shows so much passion for what they do. I’ve seen the progress some of our members made throughout the school year and I am really impressed! I’ll also miss all the team bonding events we’ve had like our photoshoots and events with local businesses.

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I plan to stay in Chicago and first find employment in the city. I have a few job opportunities lined up, which I am SO excited for!

HC: What activities do you do in your spare time?

I love to work out and stay fit and healthy. In my spare time you’ll either find me running in the rec center or outside, riding my fixie along the lake, doing yoga, or working out at the NTC studio. I also love eating…. a lot. When I have time, I like to try new brunch and dinner spots around the city!

HC: Lastly, how has UIC and all the organizations you’re apart of impacted your college experience?

Every organization I’ve been involved in during my time here has truly made my college experience. Throughout my four years here, I’ve met some of the most intelligent, driven, and passionate people that have helped me to see my potential and all the opportunities available. I’m so grateful for all the friends I’ve met here at UIC and the relationships and memories we will always share together!

*Nicole you have made an impact on our chapter and we are appreciative of all you have done! We wish you great success on all your future endeavors! We know we’ll see you doing great things down the line! – HCXO, with Love HC UIC!

Tikia Travis is a former writer for HERCampus UIC (2015-2017). Tikia majored in English with a concentration on Media, Rhetorical, and Cultural Studies. She also completed the Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and British Literature Concentrations. Tikia loves reading, writing, music, fashion, and FOOD (you can tell that from my picture, lol)!! School, Starbucks, Health and Fitness are my LIFE! She aspires to one day become a Published Author and Education Professional. In her spare time, she write creatively and professionally, and assists others with their essays/writing needs.
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