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Music Blog: Be My Valentune?

The endless and often fruitless quest to find a valentine has the tendency to stir up unwanted and unnecessary distress. Sometimes the timing is tricky, a prospective valentine is only “wonderful” through rose-colored glasses or exists soley in your head. Have hope, though, heartbreakers. Remember that valentines come in all shapes and sizes…and sounds. I encourage those who don’t have a textbook valentine to search instead for a valentune. Maybe even one from the playlist below…

Indulge in over 50 charming tracks (arranged by yours truly) to accompany your daydream about a special someone or to simply induce a little delight. The mix of retro beats and brand new ballads all belong to the crush club–join them.  


Meaghan craves music almost as much as a good cup of coffee or a bagel smothered with cream cheese. Therefore, her most significant contribution to HerCampus arises once a week via her "Music Blog" section. Through this column, Meaghan hopes to inform and excite readers, introducing them to a variety of new music and music-related topics. Although difficult to decipher her crystal ball's contents, she would love to be working towards an outlet that combines design, writing, music, fashion, art and entertainment in the future. Obsessions also include the color pink and quoting her favorite films. 
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