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Ieuan: A New Artist You Can’t Miss

At only eighteen years old, upcoming R&B artist, Joshua “Ieuan” Williams, is making his breakthrough in the music scene. On Friday, September 9th, Ieuan released his debut album, “Pink Suburbia.” “Pink Suburbia” gives off electronic R&B vibes, and according to the artist himself, the album can be described as, “adolescent, dynamic, and pink.” Ieuan also tells me in a recent interview I conducted with him via Skype, the music on “Pink Suburbia” is “very urban.” One could expect to hear in a typical Ieuan song lyrics about love, heartbreaks, and partying. 

Ieuan, originally from Wales but now resides in San Francisco, discovered his love for music when he was about eight years old while playing Guitar Hero. Ieuan says, “I wanted to be on stage like the characters in the game!” The young musician then began to write and record his own music. Two of his earliest songs can be found on his SoundCloud or Spotify, entitled, “Strangers” and “Freight Train.”

Throughout his journey of becoming a musician, Ieuan says he faced a lot of musical identity issues, such as what style he wanted to go with. Ieuan eventually found himself as an R&B artist, with Blackbear and Troye Sivan impressions. Ieuan also claims to have struggled with promoting his music and finding a platform in the competitive music industry.

But in the past few months, Ieuan has been gaining the recognition he deserves. His number of Twitter followers has been increasing, with over 5k followers now, and his SoundCloud almost at 3k. His album also reached the iTunes chart right after its release. But the number of followers Ieuan has is not the important thing to him. Ieuan hopes to use his musical platform to help those who feel uncomfortable with themselves. He wants his music to help those who fear rejection, whether it be by their family, society, or so on. Ieuan also hopes to use his music to be able to travel and perform all over the world, and learn from the people he has met.     

Ieuan’s biggest goal at the moment is to sellout The Oracle Arena in Oakland before he is 21 years old. Ieuan has put nothing but love and dedication into his debut album, and I highly recommend everyone gives him a listen, and buy a ticket to see him on his first ever tour this summer!

Find Ieuan on social media:

Twitter: @ieuanofficial

Instagram: @ieuanofficial 

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