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Add A Layer

If you look in the mirror and you’re feeling basic, reach for a layer. A layer can be anything from an oversized graphic shirt over a long sleeve, or a pastel cardigan. These can add depth and character to any outfit that you wear.  


Watches, jewelry, belts, scarves, hats, ANYTHING really, can be used as an accessory. Accessories are a fun way to display your personality in your ever-changing style, allowing you to add a little dash of funk into that professional look you’ve been meaning to wear.

Statement Pieces 

Bold patterns, bright colors, or simply, anything that will get you noticed, is what the fashion industry likes to call a statement piece. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Thrift 

Many people, for whatever the reason, are often afraid to buy used clothes from thrift stores. However, thrift shopping can be your greatest ally in spicing up that basic wardrobe. Also, discounts stores can provide you with beautiful basics on a budget. There should be no shame in saving money and looking fabulous while doing so. 

I hope you guys get out there and use these tips to spice up your fashion life!

Joy is an undergraduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing Nursing, with an end goal of becoming a CRNA. She loves spicy chips, R&B, and the summer time. She likes being artistic and expressing her creativity through painting, drawing, and makeup during her free time. You can find her doing homework listening to some Frank Ocean on most days.
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