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  1. Take a Break from Social Media

    Our society is quick to pick up our phones and scroll up and down the internet to find information about celebrities, politics, and the latest trends. Although the media can be entertaining, sometimes our minds get attached to certain routines. I know that I can be intimidated by reading celebrity gossip because it gets my mind off my everyday problems. However, a lot of the time we’re being brainwashed by what’s being displayed to us. The media orchestrates the information they want the world to see, which causes chaos in society. Therefore, spend a week without scrolling on Instagram or Facebook. Take this time to think for yourself.

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  2. Clean Your Space

    Whether you have a messy office, dirty laundry, or an organized locker, spend a couple of days cleaning your area because it gives you a fresh start. Over Spring break, I reorganized my closet and mopped my bedroom floors. I felt relieved to see how nice my room looked. I suggest buying some cleaning products and new furniture to help refurbish your room. 

  3. Eat Healthier Foods

    I live in Chicago, so there are tons of restaurants to choose. Sometimes, I order from Uber Eats and Grubhub when I don’t feel like cooking anything because I’m overwhelmed with school. Nevertheless, you will get comfortable eating out, especially fast food. This also can lead to weight gain! In order to avoid this problem, write a list of healthy foods and beverages that you can purchase from your local grocery store. I meal prep every two weeks to get my proper nutrients. 

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Hello, everyone!! My name is Nikiya Alfred, and I'm the events director for the UIC HER CAMPUS chapter. I’m a third-year college student from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a passion for problem-solving issues in the CPS system. As an Urban Education major with a concentration in English Language Arts, I want to explore more on Educational policy. This is the perfect opportunity for me to build relationships with other women who have a passion for writing. Please follow me on Instagram @Moondoll_7.
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