How to Change Your Mindset When Facing New Challenges

Going through a new change? New haircut? Trying to hit the gym to burn off that freshman 15? Or perhaps, just nervous for challenges to come? Here is the mentality you need to persevere through these new challenges.

When approaching a new challenge in life, I cannot stress the importance of one's mindset enough. Through the various awkward stages into adulthood, I faintly recall my mother constantly reminding me to stretch my mentality. Now I wouldn’t consider myself a pessimistic person, but when it came to new experiences, I hesitated and often overthought my experiences. I felt nauseous and couldn’t stop thinking about that particular “thing” until I actually did it. Unfortunately, those feelings never went away. But, I can say I’ve learned to steer my way of thinking to make my approach more confident in future instances.

As cliche or obvious as the answer may be, in regards to your mindset, you should take on. It is important to consider the type of approach when steering your mindset.

For a positive mindset consider:

Focusing on the positive outcomes and advantages: People who are hesitant may overthink and surround themselves with the chances of negative outcomes. For example, trying out a drastically new haircut. In most cases, the individual may dislike their haircut, but it is essential to steer your mindset in the positive direction. So, if you went from long hair to a short bob, think of how much easier it will be to get ready in the morning!

Become aware of your fears: When handling a new experience, you have to face your demons. Acknowledging what is causing those feelings of anxiety can help you grow confident and build up courage to take on the new challenge. Always think “will this matter in 10 years?” If not, try not to fret about it since it doesn’t make as much of an impact as you thought. On the contrary, if it does matter, once you know what’s bringing you down or making you hesitant, you can work on diminishing that root cause; learn to conquer that fear!

Just do it: Unintentionally, various movies and books have empathized the power of leaping into something, headfirst. Cliche, but it’s true! Sometimes, all it may take is a leap of faith and giving it your all when encountering a new challenge.

You never know how successful you can become!