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This week’s article is on a philanthropy event known as Deepher Dudes hosted by the lovely ladies of Delta Phi Epsilon. Deepher Dudes is an annual male beauty pageant. We know: a male beauty pageant. What could be better? This event is one that teaches you how to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. This year Her Campus got the inside scoop for their readers.

Every year, each chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon hosts Deepher Dudes to help raise money for ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders).  The participants of Deepher Dudes are men from various fraternities and organizations. This year 12 handsome men participated. The event has a theme every year and this year the theme was World’s Greatest Hits Tour, so the guys were to impersonate a celebrity. They will be escorted by various ladies from different sororities and organizations. The escorts will have buckets to promote their guy and get donations from the audience. All of the proceeds will be donated to ANAD. The men who participate have an introduction, talent, and interview portion. The participant who collects the most money is crowned Deepher Dude. This year the event also rewarded a “Mr. Congeniality” award as well. Delta Phi Epsilon says their motto for the event is “We want everyone to know that beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes.”

We interviewed some sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon to get the inside scoop on what Deepher Dudes means to them.

“What Deepher Dudes means to me is bringing together not only women but men also to support those suffering from eating disorders. I think this is a great philanthropy for college aged adults since this is an issue that affects our demographic greatly.” – Namrata Saha

“Deepher Dudes to me is an event that spreads awareness of something that is affecting so many people around us without even knowing. It’s a time to acknowledge and learn with our peers about the strife of people suffering with ANAD. The event demonstrates that college aged students can and will come together for an excellent cause. I’m so proud to be a Deepher working with this incredible philanthropy event.” – Liz Baggett

“Deepher Dudes is a unique event that brings people together to learn about a cause they didn’t realize affects so many people. It’s the perfect combination of funny entertainment and important teachings about ANAD and eating disorders. A lot of people don’t realize how big of an issue eating disorders are until they come and see the statistics. We have so much fun holding the event and the dudes have a great time performing that people see it is a safe and loving environment where they can feel comfortable learning about the topic to either help themselves or others.” -Bina Khaki

“To me, Deepher Dudes is an opportunity for everyone to learn about Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. Eating disorders do not discriminate; it affects men, women, adults, children and adolescents. Deepher Dudes expresses the importance of loving yourself and strong self-esteem. We should be proud and confident of who we are because there is no one else who is exactly like us. Deepher Dudes is an amazing event that brings the whole UIC community together for a good cause. It’s my favorite event we have in the fall!” – Elyse Lee

We also took the time to interview a few of the participants and escorts to see how they feel participating in the event!

“My favorite part of the event was walking out for the introduction. My escort was super cool and we had a great time.” –Yiogros Giannetos

“This year was my first year attending Deepher Dudes and I decided to participate. I was really excited about dancing and coming up with my own choreography, but I was also most nervous about messing up. I think it went pretty well.” –Wambugu Wambugu

“My favorite part was watching other people’s performances. I decided to do Deepher Dudes because I wanted people to get to know me.” –Josh Paul

“I decided to be an escort because I liked the idea of a male beauty pageant, since it goes against the norm and promotes confidence and involvement.” –Melanie Pangaliligan

It was a successful event with a huge turnout. The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon were able to raise $1551.57 for ANAD. The event was entertaining, hilarious, and awe-inspiring. The event promotes confidence in both women and men, while giving men a taste of what it’s like to be in a beauty pageant. 

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