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Get Mad for Plaids

The most popular plaid patterned item for the season and pretty much any season is the plaid button up shirt. These types of shirts are perfect to pair with any type of outfit for any style you plan to go with. Many girls find it very easy to throw on over a t-shirt, under a sweater/vest, and even to tie around the waist for a more sporty feel. You have to decide what style makes you feel comfortable as you pair your plaid shirt with different outfits. The texture of the shirt whether heavier for the fall/winter months (flannel) and lighter for spring/summer months can really determine how you will pair your plaid piece with the rest of an outfit.


I did some research online and found that Seventeen Magazine has an entire feature on 17 Ways to Wear … Plaid. This article will give you a great idea for how to pair your plaid shirts with different outfits. I personally love that in the fall they make the shirt thicker (flannel). It gives it a comfortable and cozy feel which is what I look for when shopping for these types of shirts. I love buying them from Forever 21, Top Shop, Old Navy and “borrowing” them from my boyfriend (lol)! You can always find them cheaper at Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and for no money at all your brother, boyfriend, or friend guys closet. One of the benefits of incorporating plaid shirts into you wardrobe is that you can always pair it with shorts, dresses, and skirts during the spring and summer. It’s always beneficial to have different pieces of clothing that will transition into the next season and will not go out of style. In the summer time plaid makes me think of picnics, campfire, bonfires by the lake, and skateboarding (I don’t skateboard… anymore). These are the types of occasions that I mostly wear my plaid shirts to and that I see people with plaid shirts on. With plaid I would say there is a time and place for it, depending upon what type of event you are participating in. Plaid gives off this aura of fun, casual, and comfort. Traits that we all look for in clothing. So don’t be afraid to incorporate a flannel shirt into your fall wardrobe. A cute pair of jeans, leggings, boots, converse, scarf or hat will be great to accessorize with your shirt.

I love promoting the “be yourself” phrase because that is exactly what personal style is about. So choose your colorways, stitching, and patterns in your flannel the way you want!

Tikia Travis is a former writer for HERCampus UIC (2015-2017). Tikia majored in English with a concentration on Media, Rhetorical, and Cultural Studies. She also completed the Creative Writing, Professional Writing, and British Literature Concentrations. Tikia loves reading, writing, music, fashion, and FOOD (you can tell that from my picture, lol)!! School, Starbucks, Health and Fitness are my LIFE! She aspires to one day become a Published Author and Education Professional. In her spare time, she write creatively and professionally, and assists others with their essays/writing needs.
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