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To the Friend I Never Deserved

To the friend I never deserved,

I’m not really sure how I got so lucky to get you as a friend and I’m not really sure how you picked me, but you did and for that I am forever grateful. No matter the time of day or how busy you are, at a single phone call I know you will be here for me in a heartbeat. Even on the days, or weeks, that I don’t ask about you enough or I’m not acting myself, I know you’ll be here. If I said I’ve met a more reliable person, I’d be lying. From endless talks, and cries, about school, life decisions, careers, boys, social aspects, and so on, I always know who I want to call. I know the person who will care that I finished a pizza by myself, or the person who cares that I beat my personal record in a 5K. They say that a lot of the people you meet in your early 20’s are temporary, but I hope for the life of me you’re not one of those people. When I finally finish school I hope you’re the first to celebrate with me, as I marry the man of my dreams (Nick Jonas of course…) I hope you’re standing next to me, I hope you hear the news of my first-born child second to family (which you’ve basically become). Being the great person you are, I know you will be here for all these things and more. So thank you.

Thank you for paying for my food when I was too broke to afford Ramen.

Thank you for staying with me while I cried… and telling me the worst jokes around (sorry…)

Thank you for coming with me for that week I thought no world existed outside of the gym.

And thank you for eating ice cream in my car with me when I gave up on that week.

Thank you for being the person to dance stupid with me, but no thank you for the black mail you have of only me doing this…

Thank you for being the rational, safe one.

Thank you for listening to my obsessions and endless chatter, or zero chatter.

Thank you for putting up with my attitude… no, seriously. Thank you.

I never deserved to have such a great friend like you. When my world felt like it was falling apart, I am more than happy that you were my glue holding it together.

When I see how selfless and caring you are, I strive to be a better person. Without you I may forget to love myself, or forget that things will eventually be okay. You’re the one I want next to me when all my dreams come true (thanks, OTH), okay? So don’t leave me, ever. I may not always show you how grateful I am, or lately even act like it, but I promise you our friendship is one of the greatest wonders of my life.

Thank you for being my person,

Never change.


HiiI'm Lauren- Sophomore at UIC,  girl who hates science but aspires to be a nurse. Catch me on campus looking as basic as ever, coffe and planner in hand too.Oh and I am probably the sassiest person you'll ever meet.  
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