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Fall into Fashion: Chicago and LA Side-By-Side Comparison

Beginning October 15 to 21, Her Campus UIC is partnering with Her Campus UCLA to compare the differences between Chicago and Los Angeles. #HCUICLA is our social media hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; don’t miss out! 

Fashion Week is held twice a year and is a time for top designers to give a preview of fashion designs for the upcoming season. Fashion Week is held in the “Fashion Capitals” of the world: New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Los Angeles. Recently, our collaboration chapter, The University of California, Los Angeles was in the core of LA’s Fall Fashion Week held between September 26th, 2017 through October 2nd, 2017. Through Fashion Week, trends are set, and consumers thrive to be the first to purchase new clothing lines. Being one of the major “Fashion Capitals,” LA is introduced to many major trends before many other cities.

Many cities base their seasonal trends on what they see in the “Fashion Capitals.” LA is a prime trend-setting city because it is home to “Hollywood” where many actors/actresses live. What we see on T.V., is what we thrive to be. Celebrities and models are always the first to broadcast new looks, even when they’re far out of the ordinary, but because they are so prominent in the public eye, many viewers follow these trends.

LA is also very free-spirited because its population is based on celebrities and artists. You will find more of an avant-garde look with multiple colors and patterns, all embarking the free-culture and artsy state of mind. This can include exotic hairstyles, colorful or patterned outfits, and bright-colored and glittery makeup. Whereas, Chicago is a “Business Capital” because of the Loop area of downtown which is home to many skyscrapers and corporations. In downtown Chicago, you will find the era of the “brief-case and tie.” Makeup is more laid back, with natural colors and a light contour, to emphasize a professional look when meeting with business clients.

Photo and Makeup Credits: A special thank you to Kayla E. Barbara and models who provided us with a sample avant-garde look in LA. If you would like to see more of her makeup styles or trends, follow her on Instagram @kaylabarbaraartistry 

Despite the overall cultural difference in fashion, this is not to say you are limited to the way you express yourself because of your demographic location. Wear the pink skirt with the yellow tights. Wing your eyeliner. And express who you are!

As a current senior at The University of Illinois at Chicago, I am aspiring to be a secondary English Education teacher with an emphasis in professional writing. I have been an editorial writer for HerCampus since my junior year. This opportunity has allowed me to voice my own opinion as well as appeal to the hidden emotion most collegiate females are going through. I hope you find my articles interesting and helpful! I am always open to suggestions. Follow and tweet me @brittanymmonaco !
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