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Essential Tips for Making it Through the Colder Months

Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21st, but everyone who has ever lived in Chicago knows that we experience winter weather way earlier than that, making winter seem even longer than most would like for it to be. So, here are 8 essential tips that should help you make it through the colder months.

1. Dress Warm: It is important to stay warm in the winter, but you don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort to do so. Aéropostale’s selection of denim jeans is GREAT for the colder months. They offer stretch for optimal comfort while still being quality enough to keep you warm through unbearably cold temperatures. Dress them up, or dress them down, Aeropostale jeans are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe!

2. Take Care of Your Hair: As the seasons change, so should your hair routine. In the summer, it is possible to leave the house with freshly washed and wet hair, but in the winter, it’s just NOT a good idea. You’d probably get sick! Or worse, your hair may freeze and break off! If you are running low on time and know you will not be able to blow dry your hair, save the wet shampoo for when you get home, and use a dry one like Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo or Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo by Bed Head by TIGI instead! These Bed Head by TIGI dry shampoos do a magnificent job of getting rid of excess oils from your hair. Then, you can follow up with Masterpiece Shine Hairspray or Hard Head Hairspray to set your desired style. Use whichever one you like, or even both as Bed Head by TIGI’s products are designed to be blended, layered and cocktailed together. The options are endless! Pick. Mix. Play!

3. Revitalize Your Skin: Winter is the BEST time to begin your new skin revitalizing routine as the sun is out much less, making it easier to protect your skin from damaging rays. Chemical peels and face masks work wonders for revitalizing your skin, making it appear smooth, even toned and more radiant. Freeman Beauty creates face masks that smell great, contain ingredients inspired by nature, are effective, yet budget-friendly, that is why they are our fave. Plus, they offer such a wide selection, so there is something for every skin type! If you have oily skin, the Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask + Cleanser mask would be great for you, as it helps to control oil while also purifying pores and nourishing your skin. If you want a total rejuvenation, try the  Cucumber + Pink Salt Clay Mask. If your skin needs a complete detox without drying out your skin like most detoxifying products do, then the Detoxifying Charcoal + Black Sugar Mud Mask is perfect for you!

4. Keep Your Skin Hydrated: The winter air is dry as it is cold. There is less moisture in the air that often leads to dry skin, which just isn’t cute, at all. To combat the dryness, we recommend L’Oréal Paris’  Hydra Genius moisturizer, it’s perfect for quenching winter’s thirsty skin. This super hydrating moisturizer contains nourishing aloe water and moisture-attracting hyaluronic acid to keep you moisturized for up to 72 hours! Hydra Genius is also lightweight, absorbs quickly, and offers a customized formula for each skin type. And if you miss your summer tan, L’oreal Paris has Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes or Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Mist, so you can stay tan year round if you want.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated: Very few things are as satisfying as a nice cold drink of water after sweating profusely on a scorching summer’s day. But, it’s a lot more difficult to get the same level of satisfaction from a drink of water when it’s freezing outside. Nevertheless, it is still important to avoid dehydration in the winter by staying hydrated. Failing to stay hydrated can be hazardous to your health; it can cause headaches, fatigue, poor digestion, and overall poor body function. Our brains are made up of 85% water and studies have shown that the lack of it can cause poor mental performance, which you really don’t need as final exams are approaching. Getting your 8-10 cups a day in the winter may seem like a chore, unless…..you add some fun and flavor by trading a few of those cups of plain old water in for some Spindrift Sparkling Water! Spindrift Sparkling Water contains only 2 ingredients, sparkling water, and fresh fruit, both of which are 100% real, so it is definitely a healthy way to stay hydrated. Plus, it comes in many different flavors such as Lemon, Cucumber Grapefruit, Orange Mango, Raspberry Lime, Strawberry, and Blackberry, so you’ll never get bored!

6. Indulge A Little: Winter is the season where most people begin working on their summer bodies. During this time of year, many people are getting back into the gym and beginning new diets, trying to cut back on calories and sweets. Dieting works, but you shouldn’t restrict yourself too much. According to studies, allowing yourself to indulge in forbidden foods once in a while can actually help you stick to your diet along with improving your metabolism. So, once every week or so, go ahead and treat yourself to a cheat day! Go ahead and enjoy some of that holiday food, and a few sweets once in awhile. And if you are struggling in between your cheat days, try HI-CHEW Candy. Hi-Chew candy is gluten free, cholesterol free and has 0 trans fat. There are no artificial colors, and it’s made with real fruit juices of fruits like Grape, Cherry, Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Green Apple, and Kiwi! With it being gluten-free and made from real fruit, it’s like cheating on your diet without actually cheating. So sneaking in a few here or there when you’re thinking about giving up on your diet won’t hurt.

7. Get Organized: There are always SO many things going on around this time of year. Outside of the usual work and school, Thanksgiving is coming up, so is Christmas, then New Years. Plus, there are final exams, so you’ll need to make more time to study, but you can’t neglect your friends, so you’ll need time for your social life, and most importantly, you’ll need time for yourself, to relax, exercise, meditate. It may seem a bit overwhelming, and like you don’t have enough time to get everything done, but that can easily be fixed if you plan ahead. Stay organized during this busy season with your Erin Condren Hardbound Life Planner. These planners are stylish, durable and have a strange way of making it feel as if it was customized just for you! There is room to plan out your day to day activities for a whole year, frequent positive quotes to keep you motivated, and a cute ribbon placeholder. So, if you need to get your life in order, then the Erin Condren Life Planner is perfect for you!

8. Avoid Germs: Winter is the time of year where people are getting sick left and right. To prevent yourself from getting sick, it’s best to try to avoid germs as often as possible. Most people know about the germs on their hands, but did you know about the germs that often reside on your toothbrush? Gross, right, but true. Every time you flush the toilet, billions of bacteria shoot up into the air and rest on everything in the vicinity, including your toothbrush. This tragedy is easily prevented if you use a Steripod Clip-On Toothbrush Protector. Steripod uses thymol in their protectors, to release active vapors that create a safe environment to store your toothbrush in between uses. The protectors are also designed so that air can flow freely through them, allowing your toothbrush to dry, which prevents it from things from growing on your bristles. So, if you don’t want to get sick this winter, remember to keep your hands clean, and protect your toothbrush with Steripod.

Hopefully, these tips keep you warm, healthy and happy during these upcoming colder months.

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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