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Dunkin’ Coconut Milk Refreshers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

Dairy alternatives have become very popular and Dunkin’ Donuts is joining the trend! On April 28th they added a line of coconut milk drinks. When I first saw these drinks it reminded me of the pink drink at Starbucks, so I wanted to compare. In high school, my friends would always get iced coffee from there but I never was a fan of coffee so I did not see the big deal with Dunkin’. Now, Dunkin is more than just donuts and iced coffee. They really stepped up their game in non-coffee drinks and food items. For Spring (February 24th-April 27th), Dunkin’ came out with avocado toast, grilled cheese melts, blueberry iced matcha lattes, roll-ups, matcha donuts, and blueberry pomegranate refresher (permanent item). I tried the avocado toast, blueberry pomegranate refresher, and the blueberry matcha latte. I wanted to try the matcha donut but the employee said they do not make those. Now, for Summer (April 28th-May 25th), they are adding more items in addition to the coconut milk refreshers: butter pecan sundae signature latte, bacon-topped avocado toast, and sunrise batch hot coffee. 

Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher 

Flavors: Golden peach, pink strawberry, and purple pomegranate

Cost: Dunkin is having a deal until May 25th, medium drink for $3 

Taste: I was able to try 2/3 flavors; pink strawberry and golden peach. Compared to Starbucks, pink strawberry tasted nothing like the pink drink. I give it a 3/10. I was also able to try golden peach which I give a 1/10. I was not able to finish this drink because it was overly sweet with a weird tangy taste.


Compared to Starbucks, the ingredients seem similar but the taste is far different. In the pink drink, it contains strawberry acai base and coconut milk. Overall, I thought I was onto something and found a great dupe. So, unfortunately, Starbucks is the winner in this battle. But at Dunkin’, I recommend their matcha with almond milk and blueberry pomegranate refresher.

Dupe Recipe 

1/2 cup coconut milk

1/2 cup cranberry juice 

Handfull of dehydrated strawberries 

Maya is currently a Senior at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is majoring in Integrated Health Studies with the goal of becoming a genetic counselor. She joined HER and is excited for all the article she will create. She enjoys staying connected with pop culture and all the new restaurants.
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