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Dulce Hernandez: boohoo STYLE SQUAD Ambassador

This week’s campus celebrity is boohoo Style Squad Ambassador Dulce Hernandez! Learn what she does as a PR/Event Planning Coordiantor for boohoo. Get the inside scoop of what she loves about working with our very own Editor-in-Chief Claudia Martinez and her role in boohoo. 

HC: What made you choose your major? What kind of career would you like to pursue with

DH:  I believe my major chose me, I am an English major with a concentration in Media, rhetoric and culture studies. I remember that every time I would choose my courses, I would only read the course description and pick whatever I was interested in. I would choose anything from 21st century Latino literature to American sci-fi film. This is when I finally realized that my real career would include all of these interests. I see myself working for a Television station, or film production company. My list is really endless, as long as I am doing what I love. 

HC: How did you get involved with the boohoo Style Squad?

DH: I got involved with the boohoo Style Squad through UIC and Her Campus, my best friend really encouraged me to apply to the position, something that I am forever thankful for!

HC: What does your job title “Style Ambassador” entail?

DH: My title is Public relations and Event Planning. I am in charge of building relationships with organizations to inform them of our awesome discounts and giveaways. I also am in charge with organizing campus events to spread the word about boohoo.com on campus. Our next big event is coming up April and it will be amazing! I can’t wait to let everyone know about it!

HC: You’re partners with our very own Her Campus Editor-in-Chief, Claudia Martinez, how do you two work together?

DH: Having Claudia on the UIC Boohoo Style Squad has made it even more exciting. We both share a passion for fashion. Working with her just gets me excited, it has been awesome!

HC: What is your favorite thing about being a STYLE SQUAD Ambassador for boohoo?

DH: My favorite part of being on the STYLE SQUAD is being up to date on fashion trends, I also get to be creative. There’s also the nice perk of getting a sneak peak of collections before they are released.

HC:  What are your favorite fashion trends for women and men?

DH:  At the moment I love the beanie and scarf combinations on everyone. It’s so universal, but it’s always appealing to see the different combinations everyone pulls off.  Florescent pink, studded, and knit beanies.

HC: What would you say are the biggest fashion mistakes made by women and men?

DH: The biggest mistake is when girls and guys wear oversized clothing. I think if you just wear your size, it will look amazing. That’s the point of sizing.

HC: Can you tell us anything exciting you have coming up for boohoo at UIC?

DH: We can officially announce that our next event will be hosted in April, so keep an eye out! This will be our first ever Girls Night Out in Chicago, so keep your eyes on our social media handles, and follow us for sneak peeks. The event will be free and all the fashionistas of Her Campus and UIC are invited for a night of pampering, fashion, and fun!

HC: So, let’s talk about internships. Where do you currently intern and what do you do there?

DH: I currently inter at NBC universal, I am the Stations Relations Intern for their spanish network Telemundo Chicago. It is just exciting and amazing with all the events going on. I also have a social justic

e side and intern at The Resurrection Project, a non-profit in Pilsen. The work I do is also amazing and rewarding. I am able to help others at such a small level, but with such a great impact. I encourage everyone to get an internship in corporate and non-profit sectors.

HC: Lastly, what’s your favorite part about living in the great city of Chicago?

DH: My favorite part of living in the city is having everything at your fingertips. You can grab a bite, for whatever you are in the mood for, from tacos to sushi. Each neighborhood is also unique. I love learning about people, and that’s exactly what I do while I take a bus or train ride every day.

Follow the UIC boohoo Style Squad on Social Media:

Facebook: UICboohoo

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Claudia was born in Mexico and moved to Chicago at the age of 8. She is currently attending the University of Illinois at Chicago as a Marketing major. She is really excited to be a part of the HerCampus team and is ready to make HC grow at UIC. She can’t go a day without exercising and especially enjoys Zumba! She loves fashion and reads blogs every day, that’s where she gets her inspiration when she dresses, and hopes to one day have her own! Claudia is currently a representative for AKIRA Chicago, for discount codes contact her at (cmarti74@uic.edu). She strives to be a better person every day, and is really thankful for everything she has. One of Claudia’s favorite quotes is “Enjoy all that you have while you pursue everything that you want”.
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