Done With Finals? Enroll In Mermaid School

It's time to take the real classes that matter. I took a mermaid swimming class with my sister at AquaMermaid Chicago (inside the West Campus Gym- super close!)

As defined by Webster, a mermaid is a legendary marine creature with the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish. So naturally, we started the day off by choosing a tail and putting it on. Honestly, the fun colors and scales of pink and blue would catch any merman’s eye. After making the tough decisions, we jumped into the water and learned a few tricks from a mermaid named Sara. Unlike the large class size we are used to in the Behavioral Science Building (BSB) or the lecture centers, this was an intimate group of four. We started out simple with swimming from one side of the pool to another, and then we slowly advanced to harder skills such as a mermaid hello (lifting your tail up and flapping), the cartwheel, and even a handstand.

Personally, I felt natural selection coming for me. I splashed Mermaid Sara in the face when I tried to wave hello and belly flopped when I attempted to do a handstand. Luckily, Mermaid Sara described me perfectly, “the transition from man to mermaid is never easy.” Even though I could easily be the Little Mermaid’s family disgrace, I had a great time with the other mermaids and laughed a lot with my sister. AquaMermaid is even offering a discounted group rate specifically for UIC students; it would be a great team bonding experience for sororities, clubs, or student organizations.

Ready to trade your legs for a tail? Mermaid Nora (Founder of AquaMermaid Chicago) has provided us with a discount for your own tail.

Use promo code “CHICAGO” for 10% off!

Prefer being on land like Prince Eric? AquaMermaid members are currently practicing for their upcoming Water Show on July 30th.

Sorry, Ariel, there’s about to be plenty more fishes in the sea!

Photo courtesy of #AquaMermaidChicago

*This article was written by Marketing member, Kimberly Camacho.