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Club Spotlight: Check out African Student Council’s play The Journey

As part of ASC’s—African Student Council’s—African Week, this on-campus student-run organization will be hosting a stage play titled “The Journey.” The production follows the story of an arrogant politician in the fictitious African country of Wanago. During a brief chat with ASC E-Board member and Ambassador Tykki Etchie, the 23-year-old senior stated, “The play is about addressing the African Diaspora, basically showcasing certain African countries that aren’t always discussed on a mainstream level.” As the Computer Science major continued he mentioned, “The main thing we were trying to push was the inclusivity of the Diaspora. The play gives us an opportunity to rectify false stereotypes of certain African countries and to educate the public on each of their unique cultural traditions.” The African Student Council’s decision to host a play that humanizes the African experience is quite timely, as a result of the major box office success of Black Panther, which has recently been confirmed for a sequel by Marvel Studios.

The lead character of The Journey—Maylo—is played by freshman Jason Duncan, 18-year-old Psychology major. Duncan has played a string of supporting roles in high school and describes his most recent character as “close-minded” and “arrogant.” Jason believes that anyone that attends the play will have a worthwhile “eye-opening” experience. Duncan continued, “The play focuses on an array of African cultures, and Maylo is ignorant of the distinct traditions that separate each country from the next.” It is significant to note that the African Student Council is using this play to illustrate a realistic geographical depiction of Africa—which is an immensely vast continent with over 50 countries.

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