Chicago: A Metamorphic Metropolis For Women

It’s a dog-eat-dog world these days, making it difficult for women to prosper. As time accelerates in America, we have been blessed with Civil Rights and many more opportunities than our ancestors may not have had. Females of every ethnicity have proven their strength and worth over the years, inspiring young ladies to pursue their dreams. The city of Chicago has been a place of movement and prosperity; many women born in this city have found success through their hardships. Here are some exemplary Chicago-native females who blew the minds of spectators:

Hillary Clinton: Who says that a woman can’t have power in The White House? As a Democratic candidate for the President of the United States, Hillary Clinton was an enormous inspiration for many women around the world. Born and raised in Chicago, Clinton calls this place home. Using her power for the greater good, in 1994, she passed the Violence Against Women Act. This aided technical and financial assistance to states that needed support in providing care for victims of domestic violence and creating programs to put an end to it.

Jennifer Hudson: Growing up in Englewood, Chicago, her family supported her tremendously when Hudson sang on American Idol. She rose to fame as a finalist on the third round of the show, later becoming a Grammy Award-Winner and a phenomenal singer. Even though she did not win American Idol, she took this devastation as fuel to her fire. Today, she is a praised actress and vocalist, with Oscars under her sleeve. Singing her heart out, Jennifer Hudson is undeniably an encouragement for females pursuing their dreams.

Jenny McCarthy: This television star had fantasies about being a model since she was young. Being from the south side of Chicago, she was used to a challenging life and did not back down after being turned away from multiple agencies. After persevering through the denials, she finally achieved her goal of becoming a model, presenting to young women that if you try hard enough, you will be good enough.

Michelle Obama: The first African-American First Lady in the White House. This Chicago native’s ember will spark into a new world for African-American women. Other than being named the number one most stylish in Style Magazine in 2013, she held two Ivy League degrees and challenged childhood obesity with her organization called "Let’s Move!" along with many other astonishing accomplishments. Michelle Obama has not only achieved for herself, but also for the greater benefit of others.

Oprah Winfrey: Although she was not born in Chicago, this is the place where she found the most success. Her mother was only a teenager when Oprah Winfrey was born, causing her childhood to be anything but effortless. While her mother was forced to work long hours to provide for the family, young Winfrey was often molested and abused by male relatives and another visitor, lasting from age nine to thirteen. In order to break out from her tangled past, this strong survivor was determined to make a difference. Now, she is a host for one of the most famous television talk shows, helping others through their problems and offering entertainment to America.

Mellody Hobson: This powerful businesswoman leads one of Chicago’s largest asset managers, side by side with its founder. She is the president of Ariel Investments and is high on top of three major U.S. corporate boards. Even though she had come from a single-mother, broken family and was the youngest of five siblings, she had great aspirations from the start. Glamorously styled Hobson was a woman of color who has always had a passion for corporate management, now setting an iconic example for women in business.