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Campus Profile: Elizabeth Gospodinov

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

In an unconventional college atmosphere like UIC, it is up to the students to make the experience truly their own. One sophomore from Glenview did just that by fully dedicating her time and energy into extracurricular activities. Utilizing everything the Chicago city life has to offer, she managed to find a balance between school, her sorority, and two part time jobs! Maybe you’ve seen this beauty walking across the quad in her Phi Sig Letters, or perhaps you’re obsessing over her perfectly edited pictures on Instagram.

This week’s Campus Profile is Elizabeth Gospodinov!

Catch her dining at her favorite restaraunts in Lincoln Park or rocking the latest trends on Michigan Avenue!


Name: Elizabeth Gospodinov

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Glenview, Illinois

Birthday: April 13, 1996

Heritage: Bulgarian and Ukranian

Major: Marketing with a minor in Finance

Greek Life

Elizabeth is the Membership Recruitment Chair for Phi Sigma Sigma, a top executive board role. With recruitment as one of the most vital events of the year, its undoubtedly a position that takes a lot of thought, planning, and dedication. Just recently, Phi Sig held their spring recruitment where Elizabeth was in charge of all the rush activities and served as the main point of contact for potential new members eager to join. Under her leadership and careful decisions, the sorority had 5 new additions to join a total of 12 in the Spring pledge class.

HC: What would you say is the most rewarding part about being the recruitment chair?

Earlier today I was sitting with a few of our new members. It’ll be so rewarding to see them getting along and bond with each other. Watching them grow in the sorority and develop friendships throughout the years is the best part.

HC: What would you say is the most difficult part about being the recruitment chair?

Besides the huge time commitment, not being able to take everyone who wants to be in Phi Sig. it really sucks telling girls that we don’t feel the same connection and that they weren’t a right fit for us.

HC: Advice for girls on the fence about rushing a sorority?

You should definitely rush a sorority, especially at UIC. You make so many friends and develop connections. Also, don’t stress out about it because even if you don’t get your top picks you will love the sorority that you get into and find your place. On top of that, Greek life here is small so you’ll still be able to make friends in other sororities.

Weeks after receiving their bids, new members in Phi Sigma Sigma are paired up with a big sister. This is a member in an older pledge class who serves as a mentor and close companion. It is the role of the Sisterhood Development Chair to create these “big and little” pairs that are made through a mutual selection process. In a sorority of over 70 girls, its great to have someone to call your own. Many would call it “a family within a family.”

A close-up look at Elizabeth’s greek family:

Leona Jakupi (top), Diana Bernatek (left), Gabby Bursak (bottom) 

HC: What do you love the most about your greek family in Phi Sigma Sigma?

I love how my family is very close. We’re all super outgoing and we have a good time when we’re together. Diana is the perfect big. She always listens to me whenever I need to rant about something and I always keep her posted with my life. Diana takes me out to eat and always assures that I get home safe. She influenced me to be the best big I can to Gabby. I love how Gabby lives across the street so she can always come over and hangout whenever. As for my grand big Leona, she’s so sweet and straight up goals. Even though I don’t hang out with her as much, when I do it’s as if we were best friends. Just recently, we just went to kygo together!


In addition to the sorority, Elizabeth works two part time jobs. She is a hostess at Francesca’s Restaurant and a Brand Embassador for Whittl.

HC: Tell us about your job at Whittl.

Whittl is a marketing company that started in Chicago. The main office is located in River North. As a brand ambassador, my job is to help promote the company. We travel across the city handing out flyers and coupon codes. We also promote the company by hosting different events. Just recently, we did an event in partnered with Linked In.

HC: What do you like the most about working for Whittl?

I like how it’s a super easy job and it works with my major (Marketing). I generally work more in the summer when it gets warmer out. Also, My roommate, sorority sister, and best friend Angela works with me!

HC: Where do you see your career in the future?

I see myself in a office with glass windows in a Sky Scraper overlooking New York City.

Fun Facts

Three words to Describe yourself?

Adventurous, Outgoing, and Social

Favorite Place to Eat?

Café Babareeba and Homeslice Lincoln Park

What are your hobbies?

Cooking is therapeutic and I love photography. 

What kind of music are you into?

Dance Music and Alternative

What’s you’re favorite animal?

A Cheetah

Favorite Movie?

I love older movies like Grease

Favorite TV Show?

American Horror Story

Favorite Book?

Glass Castle

Pet Peeves?

I hate when people talk during movies and leave my bedroom door open.

What’s something on your bucket list?

Going skydiving

If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would buy?

a Louis Vuitton bag

Three wardrobe pieces that you couldn’t live without?

Leather jacket, my rings that I always have on, and booties.

Favorite Quote?

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

Love Life

Interested in:


Relationship Status:


Celebrity Crushes:

Blake Lively and Paul Rudd

What do you look for in a guy?

A guy who’s always down to go out and explore the world, try new things, and is smart, funny, and laid back. 

What is your deal breaker?

If he’s sexist, clingy, or controlling.. he’s out.

Describe your dream date?

Getting surprised with plane tickets somewhere fun like New York, California, or Dubai.

Follow Elizabeth Gospodinov on Instagram @elizabethhhgg

Tenzin Moenkyi was born in the small village of Dharamsala, India where many Tibetan refugees reside. At a young age she immigrated to Rogers Park, a diverse Chicago neighborhood located on the north side. The issues regarding Tibet's political turmoil with China along with those in her community in the city made her passionate about political affairs and social justice. Currently, she is a Junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago double-majoring in Economics and Politcal Science. She is her chapter's treasurer of the national sorority Phi Sigma Sigma, a writer for HerCampus Magazine, and model for Stewart Talent Agency. Catch her modeling in this year's Chicago Fashion Week on October 15th! 
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