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Campus Cutie: Naser Labadi



Name: Naser Labadi

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Lombard, IL

Major: Biology/Communications/Pre-med

Birthday: 1/25/1995

Heritage: Middle Eastern, Polish, and Lithuanian


UIC Life

Local or Commuter?

Local. I live in JST.

What are you involved with on campus?

I am a Floor Rep for my community. I am a member of Eco-Campus. I’m also in RHA and am a potential candidate for becoming an RA next year. Fingers crossed!

What is your favorite thing about UIC?

The city! I try to be somewhere downtown whenever I have free time!

What is your least favorite thing about UIC?

 The cafeteria food sucks…except the cookies. 

Where is your favorite place to study at UIC?

The study lounges… JST B Tower 5TH Floor. Come find me :P

What are your plans after graduation?

To hopefully go on to Med School and move to the Big Apple.

Fun Facts

What is/are your New Years resolution(s) for 2014?

I don’t believe in New Years’ resolutions because they fail more than half the time… but if I were to have one, it would probably be to eat less Flamin’ Hot Cheetos…

Favorite place to eat?

A tapas restaurant in Naperville called Mesón Sabika <3

If money were no object, what would you do all day?

Besides eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos… I’d go to the moon.

If you can pick anywhere to travel, where would you go and why?

New Zealand because it’s so beautiful and I love their accent.

What is the first thing you notice about people?

Their smile.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Overweight. Still eating hot Cheetos. In Manhattan…haha jk about the weight thing…sorta.

Favorite quote?

“Live life with no regrets.” and “To each his own.”

How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

Funny, Determined, Outgoing


Love Life

Interested in:

People, duh?

Single or taken?

Forever alone.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Guy: Darren Criss, Girl: Jessica Biel

What is your deal-maker?


What is your deal-breaker?

Bad teeth and whininess.

What would your dream date be like?

Something spontaneous!

Do you think it’s better to get married when you’re young or better to wait a while?

Wait a while.

If you have a song to describe your love life, what would it be?

Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey 

Young is currently a junior at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is studying psychology and economics and is still trying to figure out what exactly she wants to do in the future. She is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma, and is also a tutor for Chinese at the school. Outside of school she is a waitress at the most delicious sushi restaurant in the world, Sushi O Sushi. She has a passion for food, traveling, netflix, working out, sleeping, James Franco, wine, going out with friends, and writing for HerCampus.
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