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Campus Cutie: Julian Pacheco


Year: Freshman

Height: 5-foot-8 on a good day

Hometown: Aurora, IL

Birthday: March 1, 1997

Heritage: Puerto Rican, Philipino

Major: Bioengineering, Pre-Med

UIC Life:

Local or Commuter:


What are you involved with on campus?

Club Soccer, HOLA (Health Oriented Latino Association), SHPE (Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers), Bioengineering Lab Research, Intramurals, Working at the Rec

What are your plans for this year?

I plan on running into this girl I’ve seen at the gym a few times to talk to her. Also, I want to explore the city and find cool paces to get a bite or chill. I’m hoping to keep a solid GPA for med school.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m not sure yet, but I want to either work as a bioengineer for a year or go straight into med school.

Fun Facts:

Three Words to Describe Yourself?

Driven, Athletic, Caring

Interesting Fact?

I really enjoy cooking and I’d much rather cook for a girl than go watch a movie.

Something that you would change about yourself?

I wish I was a little taller.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

I was a Hispanic Clark Kent, aka Carlos Kent

Love Life:

Interested in:


Relationship Status:


Celebrity Crush:

Emma Watson and Ariana Grande

Favorite Pick-Up Line?

I bet you play soccer, because you’re a keeper.

Ideal First Date?

Ideally it would be spending a day at the beach surfing, but that’s not possible in Chicago. Otherwise, we would go out to the city and explore. There would be no set place to go, but as we went we could find places to eat and have an adventure. 

Irais is pursuing a marketing major at The University of Illinois at Chicago. Coming from the small country town of Harvard, Illinois, she knows there's a whole neighborhood left for her to explore. Checking off her bucket list activities is what she does in the afternoons and weekends when she’s not napping. She currently cherishes her vast music playlist, Netflix account, Pinterest boards, and her growing show collection of Chucks and wedges. Catch her trying to Penny board to class.
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