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Break Up With Your Coffee For A Natural Caffeine

Whether it’s finals week or you were up late binge-watching Netflix, we all need a little extra pick me up in the morning. Coffee is usually the go-to, but is it worth all of those calories? Milk, sugar, cream, and flavoring may taste good, but it is adding a lot of extra sugar into your diet which you don’t even realize. In fact, you will just end up getting a “sugar-high” and crash later, exhausted. There are no nutrients found in coffee and no health benefits. What if I told you that there was a drink that was both healthy AND delicious that wakes you up in a natural way? Would you believe it provides you with long-lasting energy and revitalizing nutrients? That’s a win in my book. 

Emergen-C Nutrient Shot Energy+ is the new way to start your day. Infused with vital ingredients, including vitamin C, you can take on today with a healthy immune system. Instead of artificial components, this drink is crafted with green tea and coffee fruit to support your daily energy needs: caffeine in a natural way. Does your coffee do that? 

Pomegranate-Berry is a blast of fruity freshness, and Peach Mango is reviving and sweet. Sip either of these flavors on-the-go for a little life boost. Emergen-C Nutrient Shot Energy+ is not only beneficial when you feel under the weather or tired, but it is also perfect for day-to-day needs. So, ditch the coffee for a vibrant, natural caffeine in your daily routine.

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Christina is a Professional Writing major, minoring in Spanish, at University of Illinois at Chicago. She is the Senior Editor and President for Her Campus Media, following her passions to one day become an editor as a career.
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