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7 Coffee Shops to Check Out Near UIC

If you are addicted to coffee and have an itch to discover new cafés, here is a list of amazing coffee shops near the UIC area!

These coffee shops are closest to the UIC area and are within walking distance from campus:   

1. Artopolis: 306 S Halsted St

Artopolis is a European café located in the heart of Greektown, It mostly serves Greek foods and traditional Greek coffee. Kiki ordered a Cappuccino fredo and I decided on a Classic Cappuccino. The cappuccino fredo is an iced espresso with whipped cold milk on top. Both were heavenly! Usually European cafes use stronger and darker beans. So, if you are not a fan of strong coffee then we would recommend ordering something different.

We also ordered Spanakopita and had to have the Loukoumades.  Spanakopita is a Greek appetizer; it’s a warm, flavorful, flaky, golden phyllo pie stuffed with spinach and feta cheese.  Loukoumades are a traditional dessert that are like little donut balls drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts. Both are to die for!

They offer a great variety of meals from pizzas, traditional Greek dinners, and have a large selection of desserts. The desserts include Greek yogurts, chocolate mousse, cakes, cookies and more. The atmosphere is lively, and both the service and food are great! There is also a bar where you can hangout and stay to watch live soccer matches on TV. You can make friends with those rooting for the same team. We recommend you go soon for your next lunch, dinner or coffee break to relax!

2. Kingsbaker Café: 900 W Van Buren St

On our way back from Artopolis we noticed a cute little coffee shop next to the Jimmy Johns. Kingsbaker is a great study spot that is within walking distance. We ordered two lattes and scones. The lattes were beautifully designed with leaf patterns. The coffee was not as strong as Artopolis, but the atmosphere is great for getting work done. They play amazing productive music in the background, so you can get a lot done while you enjoy drinking your coffee. Also, don’t forget to order a treat with your coffee! We ordered two freshly homemade scones. They had just come out of the oven and were warm. One was a unique apple and brie combination, and the other was a yummy blueberry. Both were amazing, we recommend you try them immediately!

3. The Coffee Alley: 1152 W Taylor St

Both of us combined have probably tried everything this coffee shop has to offer. One of our favorites for the fall and winter is without a doubt the coconut cream hot white chocolate. However, if you want a caffeinated drink, we recommend a double latte caramel macchiato, cappuccino, or café latte. The drinks here are delicious and simple. You can also get a variety of treats. They offer both pastries and Paninis. These Paninis are named after Taylor Street and other names related to South Loop. With its close proximity to campus, we recommend you go here as soon as possible for your yummy treat!

4. Peet’s Coffee & Tea: 1328 S. Halsted St.

Peet’s is your basic coffee shop. Located in university village, it’s perfect for those who want to get work done or meet up with a friend for a quick break. They have a great regular coffee blend. They also offer a variety of lattes, cappuccinos and teas. The staff is easy going and care about making sure you like your beverage. It’s a little smaller than the other cafes nearby, so the seating is slightly limited. But this is a great choice if you’re on the go and are in the need of a quick cup of joe!

These coffee shops are a bit further away. CTA or driving would be the best way to get to these cafes.

5. The Wormhole Coffee: 1462 N Milwaukee Ave

This coffee shop has an 80’s and hipster vibe. It feels like your beloved local coffee shop. They grind their own coffee and brew fresh. You can find everyone from students to professionals stop by for this heavenly beverage. It’s a great place to study or just chill on the couch with your friends. The lattes were amazing! They come with handcrafted designs and the cappuccinos are equally delicious. They also offer many local baked goods which are extremely popular with the patrons. You won’t go wrong with anything you find here, so if you’re ever in the Wicker Park area, make sure you stop by and get a coffee!

6. La Colombe, West Loop: – 955 W Randolph St

We love La Colombe! There are two other locations in Chicago, so the one we went to is located in the beautiful West Loop, and if you’re lucky you can park right in front of the shop. This shop has a very cool, hipster vibe. We tried lattes and Cordatas. The latte is perfect; it’s not too strong, but is still strong enough. The Cordata is an amazing drink. It is essentially an espresso with milk. We have both gone back many times for the Cordata. They also have amazing pastries. We had caramel drizzled macaroons, double chocolate oat cookies, and a chocolate biscotti. These were mouthwatering and the perfect sweet treat with a warm cup of coffee. For those who don’t like strong coffee, the mocha is the perfect choice. It is very chocolatey with a hint of coffee. This is one of our favorites for West Loop! 

7. Filter Café: 1373 N Milwaukee Ave

This Wicker Park café is huge. It is great for studying or meeting with a friend. When we went everyone was busy on their computers getting work done, and we would definitely recommend coming here if you want to be productive with your time. The coffee was good, served uniquely with mugs like the ones in your kitchen. They offer a wide variety of foods, from pastries to sandwiches. It’s a great place if you need to get stuff done and get away for the day. They also have a printer where you can connect your computer or phone to print wireless, which is a definite plus!

Jasmine is studying biochemistry at UIC. She is also a political science minor. She loves hockey, music, politics, and cooking. 
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