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Greek life has a bad rep across the nation. You may have heard all the stereotypes, but we’re here to prove them wrong. Stereotypes are like rumors; they’re just a pack of lies. We believe stereotypes because we assume they must be true and because social media shows us stereotypes. Prepare yourself for the truth and realize that not all stereotypes are true!

1.We pay for our friends

You usually hear that when you join a sorority, you’re paying for friends. Sorry to break it to you, but the only thing sororities pay for are chapter dues, which include spirit wear, event costs, and donations. We make long lasting friendships with our sisters, which we wouldn’t trade for the world. Therefore, if I’m paying for life long friends, then I’ll happily pay.

2.We’re dumb.

Sororities actually have a higher GPA than most would think. A large percentage of the girls have internships, are on the Dean’s List, and take 18 credit hours while balancing being in a sorority and working. Sororities require their girls to do study hours each week and maintain a certain GPA. So no, we are not Elle Woods’ sorority, which we might add got her into law school and made people realize we are more than we appear to be.

3.Greeks only associate with other Greeks

We may be the closest with our sisters, but we do have other friends outside of our sorority.  Sisters are involved in various activities and are just as personable as the next person in class. If anything, those involved with Greek life are more outgoing than those who aren’t!

4.We all look like Barbie dolls

Sororities are diverse. We have girls from all around the world. Each girl comes from different backgrounds and is unique. We have our moments where we’re feelin ourselves and decide to look on fleek, but we also have days where we don’t brush our hair. Sisters accept you no matter what.


5.We’re self absorbed

Sororities are actually very selfless. We each have our own philanthropies that we care about and work hard to raise money for. We do sports tournaments, bake sales, and food events, which we donate to those causes. We also do community service throughout the year.

Although many stereotypes may be attached to Greek life, learning to overcome stereotypes and proving people wrong is part of life. College is about doing things for yourself. If you want to join a Greek organization, do it. Don’t let stereotypes stop you from doing something! If we believed the rumors and stereotypes about Greek life, then we would have never met some of our best friends and sisters!

Hi I'm Aeja! Junior at UIC and a Pre Nursing Major. I try to write what inspires me, so I hope you enjoy my articles!
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