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5 Reasons You Should Totally Go Vegan

1. It’s good for your skin

Almost every person who has switched to the vegan lifestyle has claimed to see tremendous results in the quality of their skin. That’s right! Say goodbye to annoying pimples and acne, being vegan may be the solution you have been searching for. Health experts say that ditching dairy leads to clear and healthy skin!

2. It improves your health

Going vegan means cutting all meat and dairy out of your diet, which is actually pretty amazing for your health. High consumption of red meat and dairy has been linked to cancer, obesity, and heart diseases. Vegans tend to have lower cholesterol levels, and a longer life span of up to nine years!

3. It saves the environment

Did you know that to produce just one pound of ground beef, 441 gallons of water are required?? That’s a lot! Think of all the water we would save if more people stopped supporting the meat industry!

4. It prevents animal cruelty

It’s no secret where our meat and dairy comes from. Unfortunately, the animals used for our consumption, go through very harsh and unethical practices throughout their entire life in the industry. Animals have feelings, too.

5. It gives you your dream bod

A vegan diet consists of very little fat. The less fat you eat, the less fat you’ll gain. Most vegans have reported a notice in instance weight loss and a decreases in inches during the first month of switching their diet. A vegan diet has also been proven to increase energy levels, making you more motivated to hit the gym.  


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