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5 Productive Non-Academic Things to Do Over Spring Break

Overwhelmed with the semester? Feel as if you have to play the arbitrary and seemingly, never-ending game of academic catch-up throughout your break? Me too. But, given the importance of mental health and relaxation, and SANITY, it also remains of the upmost importance that we take some time to simply relax and enjoy, without the worries of academia plaguing our minds.

By doing these series of things listed below, I hope to rid myself of the some of the anxiety and pressure I currently face. I typically travel with one of the organizations I’m involved with here on campus (shameless shout out to Alternative Spring Break for their hard work and contributions). I do, however, genuinely believe that allocating a couple of days throughout the week to simply relax and enjoy will be both fruitful, restorative, and extremely beneficial.

  1. Sleep In

Sleep is a vital component of the human experience—but, of course, as students, sleep is sometimes a crucial aspect of our health and sanity that we oftentimes push aside. However, throughout the week of Spring Break, more so than anything, I intend to regulate my odd sleeping habits, and actually get a full 8 hours of vital sleep :)

     2.  Clean my Room

Understandably so, given my somewhat busy schedule—an internship at an after-school program, a part-time job, 19 credit hours, extracurriculars, and clubs, and a new relationship—my priorities don’t necessarily lie in upkeeping the cleanliness of my room. Of course, I like to keep it relatively organized and clean, but it may or may not occasionally become a wreck of clothes and papers (maybe). So, of course, throughout the week of Spring Break, I intend to clean and organize my so-called living quarters.

Likewise, I also intend to clean my car—a materialistic possession that serves me well, getting me both to and fro and is in high need of a thorough cleaning.

     3.  Volunteer 

Throughout the week, I will also pick-up extra hours at my internship site, and hopefully attend a Feed My Starving Children food-packing event—what will you do to give back to the community, at large?

    4.  Write

Likewise, because I will have more times on my hands that particular week, I also plan on writing a little bit more than I typically do. Of course, writing is something I love (DUH, haha). But, apart from writing in English, I will also challenge myself to write in my second language, Polish, and my third language, Spanish.

    5. Be More Mindful. Make a series of self-improvements lists. 

Furthermore, throughout the week of Spring Break, I will also challenge myself to be more mindful and self-reflective through writing and pensive thought. In a simplistic fashion, I will also document how I intend to accomplish these goals or in what definitive ways I will strive to be a more mindful citizen and a kinder, more compassionate human being.

In doing so, I hope to ease my inner turmoil and lower my stress level.


Listed above are the productive things I hope to accomplish throughout Spring Break—what about you?!?!  Enjoy!!!! :)

                                                                                                                                                                                  (Courtesy of Twitter)

On my personal, individualized growth journey toward happiness. Currently studying Applied Psychology and Spanish, pursuing a career in Social Work and Mental Health.  "You presume you are small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire universe" --Imam Ali ****strong opinions, weakly held****  
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