4 Tips For Academic Success

Greetings collegiettes, I am back again with some advice on how to be successful throughout your Spring semester!

1. Get a planner for the Fall and Spring semester (i.e. August 2016-July 2017).

Make sure it has the monthly and weekly view. I got mine from Target over the summer for $10. I like to transfer everything on my syllabi to the monthly view because it gives me an overview and helps me visualize what assignments and exams are taking place every month. For the weekly view, I like to write in my assignments every day, and I can check off what tasks I have accomplished.  

2. Set reminders on your phone.

In case you forget to look at your planner, you will have notifications that will remind you to study, go to class, run an errand or go to work etc. I know that iPhone users get this app pre-installed, so you might as well make the most of it, right? 

3. Listen to white noise while you are studying or reading.

Check out this video on YouTube for white noise. © Relaxing White Noise LLC, 2015. All rights reserved.

If you are like me, I get distracted very easily. There is no way I can fully concentrate on what I am doing if I overheard whispering or someone’s music playing loudly with their headphones on. So far, I found that white noise will cancel out all of the distractions around you – i.e. jackhammers, side conversations, etc.

4. Find a place where you can peacefully study and committed in accomplishing the tasks on your list.

For me, I find that the UIC library’s quiet and silent zones have been very helpful. Part of your tuition goes towards keeping the library open till midnight, so you might as well take advantage, right? There are outlets, Wi-Fi, peace, and quiet; in these zones, you are surrounded by people who have the same goal as you – get things done and call it a day. The UIC library has been a hidden gem and a life saver for me; all I know is that, once I get home, I will do anything but study. 

That’s it for now, until next time, collegiettes. Feel free to share some of your tips and tricks with us, and good luck with the rest of your semester!