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4 Signs You’re Experiencing the Sophomore Slump

The sophomore slump affects many students during their second year of college. But what is the sophomore slump? And are you experiencing it? The sophomore slump is when a student returns for their second year of college and finds themselves unmotivated and well, in a slump! Here are 4 ways to know if you’re experiencing it.

1. You are no longer motivated because freshman excitement is over and you realize there’s a lot left to go.

Freshman year is a year full of firsts. But now that you’re a sophomore, you are hit with the harsh reality that you have years left and you have to pick your major by the end of the year.

2. Choosing a major is severely stressing you out.

As mentioned before, sophomore year is the year that you are required to pick a major. For many of us, that is a difficult task. You have to pick something by the end of the year. With the lack of motivation you are experiencing, this task is highly daunting.

3. Attending class is now a chore.

Freshman year, you prided yourself on your perfect attendance. But now that you realize those lectures (that are online, by the way) is just a waste of your Friday afternoon. You find yourself dreading class and not even being productive while you’re there.

4. You’re losing touch with friends from freshman year.

One reason you were friends with the people you were freshman year was mainly because you were both new to the environment. But now that you have a hang of things, you realize you don’t have much in common with these people. You want to meet new people and are finding yourself not talking to friends from freshman year as often.

Yes, sophomore year may seem like a drab. Your excitement is over from freshman year, you’re growing up, and you have a lot of responsibilities to tend to. But there are ways to make sophmore year a surge. It’s okay to dwell, but do not dwell too long. Do not let the slump take over your year. Take action on your education (you are paying thousands of dollars for it, after all). Visit resources on campus to help with choosing a major. Join different clubs, this will help you meet new people who might have similar interests. Do something out of the ordinary, you get to reintroduce that freshman excitement. But don’t let the sophomore slump win.

Christiana is a Communications major with a minor in Sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Originally from a very small town in central Illinois, she spends most of her time exploring the city. She enjoys live music, poetry, and cheesy indie comedies. Catch her around campus to talk about the latest in hip-hop releases.
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