4 Places To Study At UIC

If you’re like me, you really have a hard time getting things done in your own home. It’s a place of comfort and relaxation….things that you can’t be urged to do when you’re trying to study! Here are the best places to study on the UIC campus.

1. IDEA Commons

Now, this seems self explanatory as it is in the library… but the IDEA commons offers some very comfortable seating! If you’re lucky enough to score a spot on any of the lounge furniture, claim it! Plug in your headphones and get to work.

2. Richard Daley Library Study Rooms

You can actually rent out study rooms at the library through their website! This guarantees you a quiet and private place to study. Usually these need to be checked out for group work, but it’s a perfect excuse to start a weekly study group!

3. University Hall (UH)

Students tend to think that UH only offers academic advising and office hours, but there is a comfy and quiet place to study above the Port Center Café

4. Montgomery Lounge in SCE

The best places to study is where there is comfy furniture to sprawl out on. Montgomery Lounge in Student Center East (SCE) is hidden as students walk to and from their dorm rooms. There tends to be a lot of open spaces and minimum noise.