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3 Ways to Bring Fall to the Dorms!

1. Pumpkins

What is more fall than pumpkins?! Here is a neat way to spice up your basic pumpkin! What you will need: any size fake pumpkins, chalkboard spray paint, and colored chalk. First, start by spray painting your entire pumpkin. Let it dry for a few hours. Next, grab your chalk and get decorating! Be creative and have fun with it!

2. Mason Jar Candles

Fire + dorms may not end up being the best idea you’ve ever had. Luckily, there is another way! What you will need: any size Mason jars, spray glue, pumpkin spice potpouri, leaves, thread and flameless candles. Start by spraying the inside of the jar with glue. Next, take your flowers and stick them to the inside of the jar. Overlapping different sized leaves adds a great effect! Once that is done and the glue is dry, pour in the potpouri until the jar is about one thirds of the way full. Now, turn on the flameless candle and sit it on top of the potpouri. To add a cute touch, wrap the thread around the top and tie it into a bow! Now your room looks and smells like Fall while ensuring you still have a room to live in!

3. Shadow Box

This DIY is a little more expensive, but it can be used during any season. You can either recreate the picture, or use this alternate idea. What you will need is: a shadow box, fillers, and a picture. First, fill it with anything that reminds you of Fall. This includes, but is not limited to, the potpouri you used in the Mason jar, acorns you find on your way to class, and small, warm colored ornaments. Now, remove the back of the shadow box and put in your favorite fall picture or write a cute quote!