2020 Music for Therapy

I know that 2020 has been full of tests and trials, but music has always been a therapeutic tool I used to cure my depression. Here are my favorite songs of 2020!

  1. Beyoncé- All Night

  2. Aaliyah- More than a Woman

  3. Megan Thee Stallion- Savage

  4. Mariah Carey- Without You

  5. Donny Hathaway- Giving Up

  6. Yolonda Adams- The Battle is Not Yours

  7. The Stysltiscs- You are Everything

  8. Beyoncé- Otherside

  9. The Bee Gees- Stayin Alive

  10. The Bee Gees- Too Much Heaven

  11. Beyoncé- Lemonade

  12. Janet Jackson- Again

  13. Janet Jackon- Any Time, Any Place

  14. Tye Tribett- Bless the Lord

  15. Art of Noise- Moments of Love

  16. Micheal Jackson- Thriller

  17. Mary J. Blige- Mr.Wrong

  18. Beyoncé- Drunk In Love

  19. Beyoncé- Crazy In Love

  20. Travis Scott- Sicko Mode

  21. Elvis Crespo- Suavemente

  22. 50 Cent- In Da’ Club

  23. The Boondocks- Eff Grandad

  24. Romeo Santos- Odio

  25. Aventura- Obsesion

  26. Beyonce- Grown Woman

  27. The Carters- Apeshit

  28. Paw Patrol- Intro Song

  29. TLC- Creep

  30. Mulan- Reflection


Orange LED sign that says Photo by Mohammad Metri from Unsplash