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15 Things You Do Senior Year of College

1. Wearing the same outfit you wore to your internship on Monday to class on Tuesday

If no one saw, it’s legally okay to do this. 

2. Forget to apply for entry-level jobs for nine months straight

Before you know it you’re walking across the big stage, shaking the Dean of your university’s hand, moving out of your college town, moving back in to your parents house and working at the same retail store that hired you when you were 16. 

3. Binge watch Netflix on campus, until the school finds out you’ve been streaming Grey’s Anatomy for 15 hours a day.

Then they kick you off of the WIFI, but don’t worry theres a coffee shop on every corner of Chicago.

4. Snoozing your alarm and opting out of winged eyeliner, contoured cheeks and heat-free hairstyles. 

BTW – ‘Not Your Mothers’ Dry Shampoo is a life saver/the real MVP. There are also so many hair tutorials online of heat-free curls that you can obtain while sleeping, like this one

5. Spending your time in class scrolling up and down your Twitter and Facebook dashboards.

I swear I got my laptop out to open up Blackboard and take notes, I don’t know how I got here  (ps- follow us on twitter here)

6. Saying it’s “ok” to participate in week-day drinking

Martini Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Tipsy Thursday… You get it

7.You think about changing your major

Why won’t advisors tell you which majors have it easiest, or which professors cancel class the most? Why are you hiding this important information from us?

8.You laugh at students who pull all-nighters 

Ha ha ha ha ha, wait.

9. You cry when you have to pull your first all-nighter

But I hear they’re good for the soul, good for the spirit, they make you humble. Right?

10. You mentally checked out on the first day of classes of the fall semester

Lets be serious, the moment summer ended so did my desire to learn. 

11. Think about how a 5th year isn’t that bad

Hey, there is even that 65 year old that comes to class every day, who stands in the front and talks for 50 minutes straight…. wait thats the professor. 

12. Google how celebrities without college degrees got famous

That’s all Kim Kardashian had to do to become the queen of Instagram and also be married to the King of the freeland, aka Kanye

13. Forgetting about your assignments, quizzes and exams until six hours before its due

It happens to the best of us, one night we’re elbow keep in a tub of cookie dough, when you remember about the six page paper due at 8 am. 

14. Finding synonyms for small words to add to your resume

“Efficient in Excel, Word and other Office products” “Experienced in bilingual communication.” 

15. Breaking down when you realize you have to graduate and leave what you called home for four years.

Also not to mention get an adult job, wear real pants every day to work and have a set number of sick days. *sigh* At least you’ll be getting paid. 

Arta is a junior studying communications, with an emphasis in social media. In the future she sees herself taking over for Ryan Seacrest, and becoming the next Kim Kardashian.
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