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15 Emojis College Girls Overuse

If there is one thing Apple has done right, it has got to be their five pages of emojis, totaling out to 772 different emojis. And I’m not a scientist but if there is one thing I’ve noticed it is that girls, are more likely to text in “emoji language” than boys. In fact, I’d say I average about 2-14 emojis in just one text message that I send. Here are 15 emojis that every college girl has sent.

1. The girl in the red dress: Now according to Apple this is a “women dancer” to me she is, my spirit animal, me on the weekends, me after exams, me after 3 shots of free tequila, me when I match with the hot guy on Tinder, me when the smart kid in class is my partner, do you get it?

2. The heart eye emoji: This emoji can be used for so many things, I like to add it to picture messages that are screenshots of when my crush likes my Instagram post, or when my mom sends me pictures of my cat.

3. The two girls in bunny ears: Aka the two girls dancing aka you and your best friend at the club on Saturday night (but also on Tuesday night) and also used for Instagram captions to pictures of you and your best friend or the random girl you took a picture with in the bathroom but you are feeling yourself.

4. The emoji wearing the sunglasses: Is the emoji you send back to your dad when he sends you a text saying, “I put money in your bank account.”

5. The unamused emoji: is the one that I truly connect to most because I think that’s how my face looks like all the time. But it’s my favorite emoji to send when my ex boyfriend sends me a text like, “Hey, I’m in town.”

6. The emoji with the tongue sticking out: Is the emoji you send when your roommate asks if you want Chipotle/all you can eat sushi/take out Thai, you can also send it to your favorite hook up at 2 am, it’s chill.

7. The bikini emoji: The emoji that was all over your Instagram/Twitter feed during spring break and also makes an appearance during 70 degree weather.

8. The “blowing kiss emoji”: Is my favorite to send to my father after I send him a text like, “Hey can you put money in my bank account.”

9. The wine glass,

10. The two beer glasses,

11. The cocktail glass and

12: The fruity drink: The only emojis that really matter, to be honest. Like I will avoid all words in a text message and  look right at that tall, cold beverage and KNOW that we are getting turnt up and no I don’t care that it’s Monday night.

13. The “check out my new nail job emoji: Or the, “I just stole your man hahaha” emoji, no I’m just kidding.

14. The infamous smiling poop emoji: used for every boy that has done you, your best friend or your mom wrong.

15.  The anchor emoji: Aka is only relevant to Greek life or real life pirates, sailors and mermaids. I’m so glad people are actually using the emojis on the third page, am I right. 

Arta is a junior studying communications, with an emphasis in social media. In the future she sees herself taking over for Ryan Seacrest, and becoming the next Kim Kardashian.
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