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10 Times I Realized I Was Actually Joan Rivers

What do drunk college girls and Joan Rivers have in common?Well for one, they’re both drunk off of cheap white wine, and two they both don’t have a filter on them. 

Joan Rivers paved the way for women in the media industry. With her witty jokes, she was able to make her voice heard in a business full of testosterone. Not only was Joan brilliant in her comedic ways on E!’s network, but she also had a way of words on social media. While going through her Twitter page, I noticed that the things she tweeted were things everyone thought. 

1. I hope to tweet the same thing when I am 80 years old.


2. I mean, someone had to say it..


3. #TBT to Kris Humphreys.


4. From D-list to A-list in a matter of sex seconds.


5. Weird, my grandma was asking the same thing. 


6. Every girls thought in May.


7. My thoughts when I realize my beach body isn’t coming in the mail for another 4 years.


8. She already has our dignity, what else could she possibly want?


9. We all remember our first vacation bae


10. In less than 140 characters, Joan Rivers stole my heart. 



Arta is a junior studying communications, with an emphasis in social media. In the future she sees herself taking over for Ryan Seacrest, and becoming the next Kim Kardashian.
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