Yuvani Ochoa Carranza

If you were to name someone who is hardworking, passionate, and selfless then chances are talking about Yuvani Ochoa Carranza.

Yuvani is currently a junior who is majoring in economics and minoring in business administration at the Bauer College of Business. She is looking forward on getting accepted to UH law school to become an immigration lawyer. She is currently active in Cub Camp, UH Democrats, Economics Society, and Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA).

If you attended the republican debate on-campus, then you probably witnessed Yuvani stand up for her beliefs against a Donald Trump supporter. As this debate went back and forth forcefully with different values, it shows how fluent Yuvani is comprehending the mishap that is happening today.

“Many people think politics are…bad but the truth is, we have the power to choose who our leaders are and hold them accountable for their decisions,”said Yuvani.

She has strong beliefs in politics and cares to address concerns such as wage gap and immigration policy to whomever is willing to listen. Yuvani has strived to better understand the needs and wants of immigrants as well as women’s rights to have maternity leave without “worrying about losing a promotion or their job over it.”

Aside from her thriving interest to better this country and its people, Yuvani enjoys volunteering and being the caring person she is. She is aware that everyone has been raised in different backgrounds which has shaped the person the way they are. Yuvani truly believes that being kind is the number one characteristic each and every one of us should obtain.

Her advice to our readers is:

“Stay positive and radiate positivity! Waking up with a good attitude will go a long way and it will definitely rub off on the people around you. You get what you put in, and even if things don’t always go as you planned, sulking about it probably won’t help you. Just continue to try your best.”