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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Our favorite colors are our favorites we find something in them that we like, and that says a lot about us and our personalities

People who like red are generally extroverted and confident. Red is loud and bright, and the people who favor it usually are, too. They tend to thrive on excitement and fast-paced activities, and they get energized from those activities. Because of their need for excitement and thrills, they tend to be impulsive. Red is the color associated with anger, and that makes sense since people who favor red can be quick-tempered.


People who like blue treasure peace and tranquility, and because of this, they tend to be viewed as kind and gentle by their peers. Unlike people who favor red, people who favor blue are even-tempered and process their emotions more fully before doing anything rash. They are sensitive and loyal, always tuned in to the emotions of those around them. They are also well aware of their own emotions, and they can cling to positive memories from the past for comfort.


People who like purple are also sensitive and understanding of others, which sometimes leads to them putting others’ needs before their own. They value quiet, but people are drawn to their charisma and charm. Purple is a dreamy color and the people who favor it are idealistic and sometimes impractical, spending time daydreaming and conjuring up fantasies. They’re creative and like to work independently.


People who like green love to learn and experience new things. They are stable and well-balanced, spending equal amounts of time learning as they do having fun. They are caring and generous, always wearing their heart on their sleeve. Often, they feel a strong need to belong, and that need can fuel and influence their actions and decisions. People who love green have to remember not to become complacent and forget about their goals.


People who like pink are loving and kind, and they often take on the role of the nurturer. They feel energized and refreshed from interacting with those they love. They tend to be refined and mature, turning into role models for others. When faced with a task or issue, they are methodical and organized. They tend to be self-reliant, but need to remember that it’s okay to let other people be there for them.


People who like white are cautious and practical. They always think carefully before acting or making decisions. Because of this, they are very rarely impulsive, and possess a great deal of self-control. Like the people who favor pink, they are self-reliant, but unlike those who favor pink, they like to spend a decent amount of time on their own. They tend to be critical of themselves and others and have to remind themselves to be fair and impartial.


People who like black value their pride. They are conservative, especially with regard to emotions, and like to appear unaffected and reserved. Sometimes they get a thrill from appearing mysterious and unapproachable. Because of this, they can appear intimidating, but spending time with loved ones can help break down their walls and lose some of their standoffish appearance. Being around loved ones can be very therapeutic for those who favor black, as they tend to keep people at arms’ length and suppress their emotions.


People who like orange are warm and extroverted. Although they are not aggressive, they are assertive and determined to achieve their goals. They thrive off of social contact and often find themselves subdued and depressed when they have gone too long without social interaction. They’re free spirits, making many decisions based off of gut feelings, and hate feeling restricted. They are tolerant of others and tend to go with the flow, content with being around all different types of people.


People who like yellow are creative and open-minded. However, they are also analytical and methodical, liking to play by the book. Similar to people who favor orange, they can be spontaneous and impulsive. They have a deep need to express themselves and like to spend their time with like-minded individuals. Those who favor yellow are independent and can be stubborn, but they value the opinions of those they’re close to.


We say a lot with the color that we prefer, the color we opt to wear on certain days, and the colors we surround ourselves with. However, remember that our favorite colors can change, just like our personalities sometimes do. Being aware of the meanings of these colors can help us better understand ourselves and those around us.

Elsa is a sophomore at University of Houston, majoring in English. When she's not looking at pictures of dogs, she's napping. She hopes to one day be a novelist or work in publishing.
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