Things to Get You Through Your Exams

Exams can be killer, especially when they all pile up at the same time. Every college student knows the struggle: study, cry, stress, drink lots of caffeine, test, and repeat. It’s a vicious cycle, one that resets right when you think it’s over, and sometimes you just want to give up. Luckily, there are plenty of things to keep you going and get you through your tests. Here are some reasons you should push through the pre-exam haze and make it out to the other side:


Once the tests are over, you can stop worrying about them.

Pushing through them honestly sucks, but it’s totally worth it when you made it out to the other side.


You can actually enjoy hanging out with your friends.

Once you’re done with your exams, they won’t be on your mind 24/7. That means you can go back to partying and hanging with friends without constantly stopping to feel guilty about not studying.


You can do absolutely nothing.

The really great thing about being done with your exams is you immediately gain hours of free time. And without those looming deadlines to stress you out, you can be as lazy as you want, as much as you want.


Starbucks is a thing.

There for you during your tests, and still there for you after.



Treat yourself to a shopping spree of your choice-- clothes, books, music, you name it. You deserve it!


The holidays are (probably) right around the corner.

At this point, you’ve made it through getting back into the swing of school and you’re ready for a break. Luckily for you, the semester tends to have built-in breaks after exams. Just keep your sights set on Thanksgiving dinner or holiday time with your family, and it will be that much easier to push through even your hardest of tests.


Sleep is a thing.

It will elude you while you study and cram, but after your exams, it’s ready to welcome you with open arms.


Others might still be testing.

No one wants to admit it, but we all get that sick sense of pleasure when we see someone struggling with something we previously struggled with. Once you’re done with your exams, you might feel tired and numb and dazed, but at least you’re not like that poor sap who’s still cramming for their tests.


Puppies exist.

Such a simple fact, but so pure.