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Steel City Pops

Steel City Pops

420 E. 20th St. Houston, TX 77008

12 pm – 10 pm 5 days a week

The Heights

The only good thing about Dallas has come to Houston!

I love dessert. If there’s a new dessert place in Houston be sure to catch me there. So imagine my excitement when Houston finally got a Steel City Pops! Popsicles have been all the rage this past year with Instagram bloggers adding an obscene amount of photos with them and their gal-pals snacking on some pops.

This place usually has a long wait if you stop by in the afternoon but it’s worth it. There are people from all over; some working out, some stopping by after work, and plenty of moms with their kids.

Once you get your pop they have a glass room with benches that you can sit on. This lighting is perfect for selfies. It’s an entire room designated for hanging out.   I ordered a caramel pop and it was delicious. I tried a bite of my friends mango pop and it was just as tasty. I really liked how they put the calorie count of each pop on the menu. They also serve coffee here and Provid water, where 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to NeverThirst.

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