The Perfect Lip Colors for Fall

It is no doubt that fall is one of the most loved seasons, not just because of the perfect weather but because of the cute outfits you get to wear! Nothing compliments an outfit better than a great lip color. The perfect lipstick can bring your whole look together, here are some perfect fall shades to make sure you are looking like the perfect fall diva.

1.Heroine-MAC Cosmetics

Heroine is my favorite lipstick shade EVER. It is a medium-dark, red toned purple and is the perfect bold lip for fall. Get this shade for $17.00!

2.LAX-ColourPop Cosmetics

LAX is a chic vampy red. The perfect matte, blackened vampy red for a night out and it’s affordable. Only $6.00!

3.Soul-Coloured Raine

Soul is the shade you never thought you needed. It is a greyish brown with a purple undertone and every ounce of fabulous. You can get this shade for $17.00!

4.Red Velvet-Lime Crème Cosmetics

Red Velvet is a true red shade that even dries with a velvet finish. Chic, bold, and enticing all for $20.00!

5.Roulette-Coloured Raine Cosmetics

Roulette definitely makes a statement. This shade is a gorgeous dark rouge with a purple undertone. Turn heads for only $17.00!