No Surgery? No Problem, Nose Job in 4, 3 ,2...1!

Before & After:
Step 1:
After applying your basic face makeup, using a flat sided brush like so, take your contour powder (here I am using Anastasia's Contour Kit) and outline the edges of your nose connecting up towards your eyebrows.
Step 2:
Using the same brush, outline the bottom of your nose right above your nostrils!
Step 3:
Next, take your index finger and thumb and blend in the contour line you made so there are no harsh lines! It's kind of like you are pinching your nose. Make sure you are blending up and down and all around avoiding the bridge of your nose aka the center.
Step 4:
Take your favorite highlighting powder (here I am using my fave which is Carli Bybel's Eyeshadow & Highlighting Palette) and place highlight down the bridge of your nose and on the tip. This will add an even narrower effect to enhance your nose.

And voila! That's how you get a non-surgical nose job in just 4 easy steps!