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Horoscopes: Welcome to October!

By Taylor Roby

Aries: Welcome to October, Aries! Get ready for some huge news this month. October 1st there will be a bright full moon in your sign and this can mean many things. You may receive some big news and if you were looking for a sign this is going to be it. This news may have to do with your career, so keep that resume and portfolio up to date because you never know what you may hear.

Taurus: Welcome to October, Taurus! This month you’ll learn a valuable lesson both in play and work. You’ll be more open this month and because of it things will flow way easier for you. Make sure to focus extra on your basic needs this month, because it is essential for you now more than ever. 

Gemini: Welcome to October, Gemini! You’ve had trouble this year when it comes to love, but this month may be the one for you to let your guard down and truly open up about your feelings. But also remember to not take things so seriously this month and try you best to go with the flow. When things don’t see doable this month keep you sense of humor handy and keep on going.  

Cancer: Welcome to October, Cancer! This month is the ideal month for you to fix past communications. Step out of your shell this month and work towards talking to old friends and also meeting new people. You always love taking care of others, but this month make sure to take extra care of yourself because you’ll need the balance more than ever. Sleep in, make a good meal, take some TLC time. Just make sure to do something for you!

Leo: Welcome to October, Leo! This month is the time for you to dedicate some time for just you. On October 16th, a new moon will appear–creating a perfect time to meditate. Think and process the events of this year so you can step forward into November! As a proud lion, you serve others best when you feel on top of your own game. With Scorpio season starting on October 22nd, it’s time to get your flirt on! The new season welcomes you to go after your sexual desires, so if you’re ready to date, go for it. But don’t forget to practice healthy decisions with COVID-19!

Virgo: Welcome to October, Virgo! Get ready for a whirlwind of emotions this upcoming month. A Mercury retrograde is upon us from October 13th to November 3rd. With Mercury as your ruling planet, retrogrades in particular deeply affect you. As we’re all still stuck in this pandemic, you may have been feeling a bit lonely. These feelings may lead you into having a strong temptation to text your ex. Before doing so, check with yourself about your own intentions. It’s best to not rekindle anyone who was once or still a source of pain. However, you may hear from a crush you’ve always liked on the new moon in Libra on October 16th. Be sure to take this opportunity!

Libra: Welcome to October, Libra! We’re starting off the month on the 1st with a full moon in Aries. This will bring out your confidence and boldness. Use this time to be honest about your needs and be true to yourself. From October 13th to November 3rd, there will be a Mercury retrograde. During this time, people may look to you to sort things out–whether it’s helping with fundraisers, a project, or being a good friend to lean on. However, during the new moon in Libra on October 16th, this night should be all about you. It’s the perfect time for “me” time and self-pampering. Treat yourself!

Scorpio: Welcome to October, Scorpio! This month will start off great with the full moon in Aries on October 1st giving you a burst of optimism and will be inspired to be good to those around you. Mark your calendar for Mercury retrograde on October 13th to November 3rd. You will be more affected than others and are prone to fall into bad habits if you’re not careful. Be wary of sabotaging your current relationships. Reflect and try not to take everything personally. However, on October 16th, a new moon in Libra will appear, indicating new beginnings. Use that weekend to let go of any stress or resentments! Plus your season starts on October 22nd, so make sure to focus on yourself!

Sagittarius: Welcome to October, Sagittarius! You’re used to always being the star, and nothing is different this month considering there’s a full moon in your fellow fire sign, Aries. You always do whatever you want, whenever you want, but you should take the time to do something that’s not at the top of your list. With Scorpio season approaching, it’s time to process what you’ve gone through this year. Don’t worry though, by Halloween you’ll be back to doing whatever you please!

Capricorn: Welcome to October, Capricorn! You always take pride in being an unemotional realist, but because Mercury goes into retrograde during Scorpio season, this might stir up some unfamiliar feelings. And it’s okay to express them! Once you do, good things are waiting for you. Being an ambitious sign, you’re always go, go, go. Relax during this month! You deserve it.

Aquarius: Welcome to October, Aquarius! Be careful with 2020’s final Mercury retrograde. As the water bearer, you tend to hold all the secrets – don’t let them spill out! Be cautious with who you tell things to, it could come back to bite you. When the new moon begins on the 16th, your hunger for new knowledge or hobbies will kick in. Take this time to dive deep into a subject that you find interesting or pick up that quarantine hobby you never got started on; there’s freedom in the unknown!

Pisces: Welcome to October, Pisces! With your fellow water sign, Scorpio, taking center stage this month, your moodiness is sure to come out. Nothing to fear, there is nothing wrong with this! In fact, this allows you to speak more boldly and clearly. Who knows, it might even lead you to do something out of your comfort zone. By the time of the second full moon of the month, you’ll be feeling back to normal, but don’t forget the messages you received during the first!

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