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Hookup Culture and One Night Stands

By Nicole Graf


Let’s talk about hookup culture and one night stands! In college hookup culture and one night stands are something very common and people are participating in it all the time, but when it comes to how women are viewed for participating in it vs. how men are viewed, it’s completely different. Women, especially us college girls, are often shamed upon and looked down on while college guys are applauded for how many women they can hook up with in a week. This has become normal because it is what our society has created.

Let’s talk about ways we can work towards dismantling this norm that has been created!

Don’t be afraid to talk about it!

A lot of times we, as women, feel embarrassed to talk about sex and anything relvolving around it, but why? We’re human too and were not any less worthy than men in any aspect, and especially when it comes to sex and our own needs. Don’t be embarrassed to speak up and voice your opinion, you speaking up could also help another woman express her feelings about it!

Remember your worth!

Sometimes we forget how much we are worth, and this may cause us to think less of ourselves especially when it comes to the idea of hookup culture. Remember that you are much more than a hookup and just because you may have more or less than someone else doesn’t mean you are any less than them. You’re worth the world, girl! Don’t ever forget that.

Always be safe!

As long as you are always being safe when it comes to one night stands and participating in hookup culture then there is really no problem with it. Remember to hold your partner accountable and always practice safe habits especially during these times!

We shouldn’t be judged based on the number of hookups we have and haven’t had, we are much more than that! Plus, if men aren’t being judged off the same then why are we? Us women have to stick together and break down this norm because we are much more than the one night stands that we come across!

Nicole is currently a junior majoring in advertising and minoring in marketing at the University of Houston. She writes about all things sex, dating, and relationships for HerCampus UH! In her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends, trying new foods, and practicing content creation for her future career!
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